Those one-sheets and web ads

Those one-sheets and web ads announcing Gore Verbinski’s The Weather Man (Paramount) as an April 1st release are now officially redundant . The Nic Cage/Michael Caine/Hope Davis drama about a Chicago TV weather man with personal problems galore has been bumped to the fall. The idea, apparently, is that a strong drama with prestige elements will have a better shot in September or October. There’s also some new thought being given to the Weather Man ad campaign image (i.e., Cage with a splattered milk shake dripping from his left shoulder), which obviously suggests comedy.

2 thoughts on “Those one-sheets and web ads

  1. ThomasD on said:

    I hope to see this amazing movie soon. My friends told me that it is an amazing drama and everyone must see it. I saw web ads few months ago but somehow didn’t keep my attention on them. Thanks for the post and for remembering me about this nice movie. Thanks!
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