RV’s hinterland success

“Driven largely by smaller markets, RV” — the laugh-free, critically-dismissed Barry Sonnenfeld family comedy starring Robin Williams — “turned out to have the best legs of any major studio release this year, especially stronger than those of Mission: Impossible 3” — from Ben Fritz and Dave McNary‘s 5.30 Variety story, which isn’t so much about M:I:3‘s inability to crack $140 million domestic as the age-old axiom that there’s no accounting for taste.

6 thoughts on “RV’s hinterland success

  1. Mike Gebert on said:

    Okay, granted RV sucks its own bilgewater, but let’s analyze this.
    The movie year starts with gay cowboys eating pudding, that’s all anybody talks about. Your only alternative seems to be, basically, Saw 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
    Then we’re straight into the teen movies of summer. And in all of that, exactly ONE movie gets made for people over 30 who just want to relax and laugh at a movie. And it turns out to be a hit! What a surprise.
    RV is sort of like a white Tyler Perry movie– the success of something so dumbass nevertheless demonstrates that there’s a huge underserved market which would also, quite probably, respond to something that was actually decent– if Hollywood could figure out how to offer it.

  2. RV didn’t suck, it simply WASN’T FUNNY ENOUGH.
    Gebert, you actually have to see these movies to have an opinion on them.
    Watch Hines sing along to “GTO” and tell me that isn’t funny.

  3. Gregory Hines is in RV?
    What’s the precise difference between “suck” and “wasn’t funny enough” again?

  4. “Best legs”?! According to Box Office Mojo, it only made $7 million in profit after costing $50 million. Williams hasn’t had a hit since Patch Adams. Robots doesn’t count, since he wasn’t the selling point.

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