Will LAFF Host “Harry”?

The full line-up for the Los Angeles Film Festival (6.22 through 7.2) won’t be announced until 5.31, but I’m trusting that John Scheinfeld‘s Who Is Harry Nillson (and Why Is Everybody Talkin’ About Him)?, which I saw at the Santa Barbara Film Festival earlier this year, will be included. (It’s been announced as an offering at next month’s Seattle Film Festival, with showings scheduled at Seattle’s Egyptian on 6.15 and 6.17). The LAFF roster so far includes The Devil Wears Prada , Little Miss Sunshine, Quinceanera and Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man.

2 thoughts on “Will LAFF Host “Harry”?

  1. Daniel Zelter on said:

    Movies I can see around my area. Not really impressed, compared to last year. I hear the L.A. film fest scene’s moved to San Francisco, because no one who has any class actually lives here anymore. (No offense, Jeff.)

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