You have to look askance considering the source, but Life & Style Weekly reported towards the end of the Cannes Film Festival (when I wasn’t paying attention, for two dozen or so reasons) that there’s more trouble on the TomKat front. I don’t usually get into this stuff, but Katie’s reported “you can’t stop me!” quote struck me as mildly funny. Why, I can’t exactly say…but I smirked. The item comes by way of Jeannete Walls‘s MSNBC gossip column.

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  1. vanitas on said:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Katie had an “accident” on the way home, leaving Tom a single father.
    I can see the press release coming:”Katie’s soul didn’t make it and our frozen fathers took her home to Alpha Centauri. But she will always be in our hearts, looking after young Suri.”

  2. It’s no surprise to anyone who’s been following this story from the beginning. All us gossipmongers were saying that they’d split shortly after the release of “MI3.” Katie served her purpose; now it’s on to the next love of his life.

  3. Right, the fact that Holmes has been glued to Cruise’s side ever since she appeared at his MI3 premiere seems to have escaped L&S. They are still escorting each other to the loo and too busy smiling for the paparazzi. If Holmes went to Ohio with the baby, it couldn’t have been after a big fight or it could have been a very, very quick trip.
    Unfortunately, publications and shows seems to quote L&S but they’ve never been credible, the National Enquirer and Star have more credibility and that’s saying something.
    Cruise won’t leave Holmes any time soon, he has found someone who worships him and Katie, Katie is the one TOM CRUISE chose, she won’t hand that over easily. This might be the relationship that works for him.

  4. And this “argument” between them happened in public? How else would we know that what she said. Don’t know the truth about these two, but stories like this used to be the province of the “we all know they’re trash but they’re fun to read” supermarket rags. The lines have blurred.



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