Labor Day sale

This coming Friday is something like a Labor Day clearance sale with The Wicker Man, Crank, and Idiocracy — all opening on 9.1 — not screening for the press, and in the case of Lassie, barely screening for the press. (Nobody cares one way or the other.) Crossover , the basketball movie from Screen Gems, is screening this week. And of course, Kirby Dick‘s This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated has been screened a lot since debuting at Sundance last January. I called around today and tried to at least arrange to see The Wicker Man this coming Thuirsday night (there’s some kind of radio promoton fan showing somewhere) but Warner Bros. publicists won’t assist. Director Neil Labute is having a Thursday-night pally screeing in Manhattan. How bad can it be?

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  1. jesse on said:

    Idiocracy isn’t even getting a real release — 125 screens, no NYC. I can’t imagine it’s as bad as Fox is acting like. I mean, it’s Mike Judge. I don’t even revere Office Space as much as some, but the guy has never made something truly awful. Plus it has Maya Rudolph.

  2. Actually, I’ve seen Lassie, and it’s the classiest, best-acted live-action film for kids in a long, long time.
    Sure the story is painfully formulaic, but then again, this is one of those stories that set the precedent… that inspired the formula.
    The cast includes Peter O’Toole, Samantha Morton, Kelly Macdonald, Peter Dinklage, John Lynch (Good gravy, what more do you need to know?!), and they’re all impressive. There’s no distracting CGI. There are no talking animals (thank God). It avoids almost all of the annoying pitfalls of movies like this. It’s directed with grace and dignity by Charles Sturridge. And it reveres its Scotland backdrop the way that The Lord of the Rings revered New Zealand.
    I almost skipped it entirely, but I’m glad I gave it a chance.
    So why isn’t it being screened? Well, it was screened here in my town. Perhaps they’re worried that the film isn’t frantic enough for today’s kids. Perhaps they’re worried that it doesn’t stoop to serving up a lot of unnecessary crass, juvenile spectacles. Perhaps they’re worry that they can’t sell a class act.
    If so, that’s too bad. Come Christmas, I know what movie I’ll be sitting down to watch with my twenty-one nephews and neices. And it *won’t* be “How to Eat Fried Worms.”

  3. why isn’t Lionsgate screening CRANK? it’s one of the best pure action movies in a long, long, time. A gleefully R rated action film like they used to make…it’s awesome and I plan on seeing it again and paying for it this time.

  4. Lionsgate isn’t screening CRANK becuase they want to spend as little money on the film as they can. Plus some of the suits there have a huge ego now about opening films at #1 without the help of reviews. Yes, it’s a “my dick is bigger” issue.
    The film screened overseas to generally good reviews. But hey, I don’t run Lionsgate. They can make all the stupid moves they want; it will eventually catch up to them. They can’t make SAWs forever…
    As for LASSIE, I second the praise from Jesse. It’s a real charmer of a film, and should be a priority for any movie fan this weekend. I don’t think the screen count for the film is any higher than IDIOCRACY, so we’ll see how it holds up. But make no mistake, it’s a damn fine film.

  5. Oh yes LASSIE nails it … This is the real Lassie story … the bitch it sold by her poor family to aristocrats but Lassie will have none of it … she runs away at the northern tip of Scotland, and travels 500 miles back to her original home. Along the way Lassie befriends Nessie (the Loch Ness creature) and traveling puppeteer Peter Dinklage (one of the best sequences in a movie this year) … don’t doubt the dog

  6. Actually, there was a daytime press screening of Crank in Vancouver a week or two ago; I missed it, alas, but it was on my calendar.
    I haven’t heard of any screenings for Lassie, but that might be because the film isn’t opening in Canada.

  7. Actually, Lassie has been screening for months here in New York, maybe because it was at the Tribeca Film Festival. Just watched it last night on DVD (a completely unsolicited screener) and it was really quite wonderful… I really enjoyed it and I was probably the most skeptical person about them doing another Lassie movie. (Never was much of a fan.)
    I’ve seen Crank and most of the other journalists/critics who’ve seen it also enjoyed it. Tracking is awful on the movie (in terms of awareness) and Lionsgate is making a huge mistake not screening this for critics in all-medias full of rowdy and receptive Statham fans.

  8. Jason Statham + the R-rated movie equivalent of hitting for the cycle with violence, language, nudity and drug use + only 83 minutes long = me in seat.

  9. I honestly think the reason not to screen “Wicker Man” may be that it’s actually too good. They may want to fool the opening-night horror folks into thinking it’s just another mindless horror flick, and don’t want any reviews out there telling readers that it’s anything different or more interesting than that.
    I say this, of course, having absolutely no idea how good the film actually is.

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