Outside the fold

Roger Friedman reported earlier today that that two guys funding Tom Cruise‘s producton company, Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder and Virginia home builder Dwight W. Schar, are Republicans supporters who give money to Bush-Cheney. Which underlines the obvious reading of this situation, which is that Cruise has gone outside the liberal Hollywood fold to fund C/W Prods. Snyder looks like a rightie with his fleshy overfed face and that white-shirt-and-red-tie combo, which no self-respecting Hollywood creative collaborator would be caught dead in.

10 thoughts on “Outside the fold

  1. tholl-yung on said:

    Yup, his sartorial choices gave it away: uptight, opportunistic and definitely Republican.

  2. It’s not all bad. I, for one, look forward eagerly to Cruise’s star turn as Whittaker Chambers in Oliver Stone’s WITNESS. It’s certainly quite a coup for the “new” Stone to put Cruise in his movie up against Daniel Day Lewis as Alger Hiss, with Greg Kinnear providing the comic relief as a young California Congressman, Dick Nixon.

  3. I think it’s far more about region and class than political persuasion. I mean, who on this planet does “fleshy, overfed face” describe if not Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy?
    Corporate bad-ass Republicans may be assholes, but they dress to the nines. The white-shirt, red-tie thing is a lower-class, don’t give a fuck, retrosexual kinda thing, and certainly Southern Democrats will dress that way too.
    And hell, didn’t Howard Dean in those short sleeve collar shirts scream out the same vibe Dan Snyder does?

  4. “I’m more concerned about Spielberg supporting the election of the son of a nazi who “admired” Hitler as governor.”
    Who are you talking about? I know that the Bush family fortune was built on Nazi gold and that Prescott Bush admired and supported Hitler greatly, but who´s this gouvernor you´re talking about? Arnold or what? I´m curious.

  5. There are only so many liberals with IT fortunes to go around. Most of the guys anyone is going to find with 10′s to 100′s of millions of dollars to invest in a production company are going to be Republicans. Hello, the entire Fox studio and empire is owned by the biggest conservative ever. If Hollywood were so committed to avoiding doing business with companies backed by conservatives, why isn’t there a movement in Hollywood to turn down jobs and offers for material from 20th Century Fox and Fox network? The only reason there’s criticism of Tom Cruise over this deal is because it’s suddenly kosher to pile on Tom Cruise. Because anyone who had a problem with him before never had the balls to say it until now.

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