Scarface Groove

For some reason I never watched “How Scarface Got His Groove Back“, this trailer mash-up from editor Steve Kenny, when it surfaced last June. It’s not bad except for Brendan Raher‘s narration. He sounds too much like the guy who lives across the hall who just broke up with his girlfriend — trailer narrators always sound a little bit like slick Martians. (Editor’s Note: I came upon this Trailer Mash site — all trailer mashes, all the time — becuase David Poland linked to it this morning. That means Poland owns all links to this site in perpetuity.)

6 thoughts on “Scarface Groove

  1. tholl-yung on said:

    Support Michael Tully, he needs the dough. Boredom at Its Boredest” by Michael Tully, August 28, 2006, Peckinpah at BAM.

  2. So far, I’m feeling the “The Lost A-Team” more. Perhaps its that damn infectious theme music or the perfect match-ups between which Lost character plays which A-Team member.
    John Locke IS Hannible Smith
    Sawyer becomes Templeton “Faceman” Peck
    Jack Shepard is recast as “Murdoch”
    Hurley is remade into BA Baracus
    Although, I think they could have easily cut footage of Charley acting crazy to be Murdoch.
    Whats clever are the little matchups between the two series or even certain sound cues (in the actual opening, Dirk Benedict was shown walking past Cylon warriors on the Universal backlot in a wink to his Battlestar days with the “roving red eye” sound overdubbed. In the mash up, they picked a shot with Sawyer sitting in front of a computer with a very noticeable red light on it to match the sound)

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