Beauty is over-rated

At one point Patrick Wilson‘s Brad tells Kate Winslet‘s Sarah “that beauty is overrated, something that, as the narrator notes, only someone secure in his own beauty would say. He may nonetheless be right. But in too many recent movies intelligence is woefully undervalued, and it is this quality — even more than its considerable beauty — that distinguishes Little Children from its peers.” — N.Y. Times critic A.O. Scott in his review of Little Children.

  • Dixon Steele

    Finally saw the trailer for this last PM. The movie seems good, but manages the unfortunate trick of making Jennifer Connelly look unappealing.
    Although that may be intentional…

  • CamilleD

    The New York Times copped out on this one- or is it they don’t really have the balls to dare to take the high ground on Little Children’s actual content? The love story between Winslett and Wilson is erotic and dreamy- you can’t take your eyes off their gorgeous bodies and wistful glances- but juxtapositioned against Haley’s child molester? We are forced to watch a young girl’s horror, trapped in a car and her life threatened by him, as he forces her to watch him jerk off in front of her. This scene is so bleak, so repulsive and so insidious that it makes you feel like getting sick. A.O. Scott is a pussy for not stepping up to the plate and telling us what really to expect from this film- shot and acted beautifully- and repulsive as a movie going experience.