Butt Monkeys

David Poland is calling yours truly, “The Envelope’s” Tom O’Neil and and Fox 411’s Roger Friedman a team of “walking orifices” and “Butt Monkeys”. It has to do with my having praised Sienna Miller‘s performance in Factory Girl and then having put her on my “Envelope” Best Actress list, and O’Neil having written a piece about Harvey Weinstein intending to launch a Best Actress campaign for her, etc. I don’t know if Friedman has written anything about this, but Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers has put Miller on his Best Actress list also.
The only substantial bottom line on this matter is that I’ve seen Factory Girl and Poland hasn’t.
Harvey depends on certain journalists to push his agenda, yes, but Poland has himself turned the organ handle like a well-lubed Butt Monkey on behalf of certain films and filmmakers in the past, so let’s not play this tune too loudly. Poland’s point seems to be that Harvey has no other serious Oscar card to play with the Bobby steam depleting — maybe — and that Miller’s only chance is to nab a #5 slot due to Meryl Streep, Annette Bening, Judi Dench, Kate Winslet, Helen Mirren and Penelope Cruz being already well planted. I see Bening and possibly Winslet possibly taking a hit if their respective films, Running with Scissors and Little Children, don’t play sufficiently well with the public…we’ll see.
The only rock-solid Best Actress locks at this stage are Streep, Mirren and Cruz — and I think calling Streep’s Miranda Priestley a Best Actress performance in The Devil Wears Prada is a stretch. She’s a “lead” in the same way Anthony Hopkins was a lead in Silence of the Lambs — a lead by force of presence and magnetism. But the only one lead in that film, obviously, is Anne Hathaway.

  • nemo

    We are all walking orifices. Act accordingly.

  • tholl-yung

    Peter Travers, that reminds me, he’s the one I’d like to pummel.

  • Laugh all you want, but it’s the walking orifices that make all the money.
    At least they used to in the 80s in time square.
    Stupid Guilliani

  • Dixon Steele

    T.H., baby, at last we agree on something!
    Travers is a complete joke, one of the worst of the Quote Whores.

  • T.H.Ung

    Peter Travers, that reminds me, he’s the one I’d like to pummel.

  • dixiedugan

    Butt Monkeys? C’mon…my 11 year old can think up better ones than that!
    Travers…gives me the shivers. And not in that good way.

  • Ju-osh

    I’m curious — do you care about the Oscars as anything more than a blog entry or bit of trivia? To phrase it another way, do believe that the Oscars actually go to the most deserving winners or that they serve any other purpose than an industy’s self-congratulatory pat on the back?
    I thought I remembered you debunking them in the past, but you really do put an awful lot of time into “predicting” who/what might/might not win.
    It seems like there are plenty of other, more interesting aspects of Hollywood and moviemaking that you’d also want to write about. Why waste so much time and space on Hollywood’s yearbook superlatives?

  • ArchiveGuy

    I don’t believe Streep is anywhere near a lock. She had some additional visibility because of a dearth of likely female contenders in the first 2/3 of the year, but now her performance (and her film) will be seen as rather slight compared to all her competitors.

  • Edward

    ArchiveGuy, have you seen “Prada?” It’s good, but Streep is amazing; she has so many wonderful nuances and colors in her performance. She’s done some very good to good work in the past, but this one is up there with the best screen performances of all time.

  • JET

    Oscar nomination for Sienna Miller ??? NO WAY
    I’m sorry but I still remember Sienna Miller, after last year’s Academy Awards, trying to have public sex with Sean Penn at the bar of the Chateau Marmont Hotel on Sunset Strip, in full view of hundreds of Hollywood producers, directors, and other moguls.
    In “Factory Girl” Sienna Miller attempts to portray Edie Sedgwick, who was a real life muse of PITTSBURGH’S Andy Warhol.
    After Sienna Miller’s RECENT crude comments and bizarre DIVA behavior in Pittsburgh during the filming of “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh”, do you really think that the hundreds of producers, directors, actors and writers in Hollywood that were either born in Pittsburgh or attended College in Pittsburgh would ever vote for the idiot Sienna Miller ???
    Harvey & Bob Weinstein, save your money instead of wasting it on a Sienna Miller campaign.