Damon vs. Kimmel

This Matt Damon-Jimmy Kimmel confrontation happened a week or so ago. What’s wrong with it, of course, is that it’s an act. It would have been brilliant — historic — if Damon had really gotten angry and stormed off. It would have been something real and rude instead of another damn mock- ironic put-on. Everything is on this level these days — on talk shows, SNL, sitcoms. Nothing laid on the line, every statement in “quotes.”

28 thoughts on “Damon vs. Kimmel

  1. Nate West on said:

    What’s “historic” is Congress doing away with habeas corpus in enemy combatant cases. But, you’re right, Damon cussing out Kimmel, if done “sincerely,” would be a close second.

  2. For what it’s worth, Sports Guy (and former Kimmel writer) Bill SImmons wrote this earlier in an internet chat:
    Jimmy will get mad at me for this, but screw it – Damon was supposed to be the last act of the show, and they screwed up the time and only gave him like 45 seconds, he didn’t even get a chance to show a clip from his movie. So Damon totally flipped out, it was like the scene from Good Will Hunting when he flips out on the math professor. I can’t believe nobody made a bigger deal about it. Everyone thought it was a setup but it actually happened, Jimmy was pretty shaken afterwards.

  3. anybody who thinks an iota of this is real, especially after the dead giveaway shot of ben stiller checking his watch…well, that’s too much tv watchin’…
    i won’t forget that the spectacularly untalented proto-republican jimmy kimmel was put into place by abc after they fired bill maher for free speech…
    go fuck yourself is right…

  4. Proto-Republican? What does that even mean?
    He may have a slightly conservative vibe on gender politics, but anyone who dates Sarah Silverman ain’t no Republican.

  5. NYC, you be wrong good buddy. At least as of two years ago, Kimmel was on Howard Stern and they were talking about roe v wade being struck down.
    kimmel told howard, i’m a republican but even i would keep roe v wade.
    and if you’ve ever seen republican ben stein’s show, where kimmel was his sidekick, or the man show…well, do the math. and silverman doesn’t strike me as a flaming lefty…she’s a little contrary, dontcha think?
    and proto-republican means you want it both ways, like kimmel. or our crooked flip-flopping guv’nr.

  6. Yes, I agree that Schwarzenegger couldn’t be elected governor as a Republican in “red states”. There’s actually a term for proto-Republicans on talk radio – RINOs (Republican in Name Only).
    But just because Silverman isn’t a “flaming leftie” doesn’t mean she votes Republican. There are lots of people who hate the stifling nature of political correctness that aren’t lefties, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they vote Republican. Libertarian or Independent, often. “South Park conservative” moderates, even.

  7. my exact point is that silverman is not a flaming lefty, so she would have no problem dating kimmel, who seems like many on the right to be only politically interested in the tiny world before their eyes. and money. and of course, representing the family republican values of beer, cheerleaders and war. i mean, football.

  8. So by that political analogy, the battle is:
    Money, beer, cheerleaders, and football vs…Janeane Garofalo, NPR, and vegan markets?
    Man, I’m more of a Republican than I thought.

  9. Christian, you’re gonna have to do wayyyyy better than Sandra Bullock to convince me to turn to the dark side.
    I’ll never give up my Republican cheerleaders for the star of Speed 2: Cruise Control. Besides, she’s not even hot.

  10. okay, nyc. i’m trying. but you leave me no choice:
    rock n roll.
    compared to:
    lawrence welk
    the choice is yours.

  11. In the words of Sam Rockwell in GALAXYQUEST: “Did you guys ever WATCH the show???”
    The running gag (which is in the youtube clip) for the show has always been running too late for Matt Damon. Does anyone really think it could possibly be anything other than a set up to have him pop up at the very end to lose it over the exact same thing?
    I can only hope that everyone posting things claiming to think it’s real are just going for a piggy-back joke.

  12. Yeah, but when we Republicans get drunk on Budweiser and have sex on our wedding nights with Lawrence Welk in the background, can’t no rock n’ roll top that.

  13. you just have to wake up in the morning with a hangover listening to rush limbaugh next to the wife watching the 700 club and warning you there’ll be no more sinful nights like that.

  14. NYCBusybody – you got drunk on your wedding night and had sex with Lawerence Welk?? WTF, that some admission to make on here dude!!
    What’s that?
    Oh, Welk was just in the background. Watching or something. Still pretty kinky for a Repub.
    Excuse me?
    Ohhhhhh. I get it now. Might have cleaned up that syntax a little.

  15. then again, we know republicans are all dirty little boys and girls in private. they just don’t want anybody else having fun.
    but letting lawrence welk watch is beyond kink.
    hats off.

  16. Actually, I inserted a bottle of Budweiser into Lawrence Welk on the night he and I got married, in Vermont.
    Just don’t tell Rush.

  17. Why is every comment turned into a political thing?
    This is about a goofy sketch on Jimmy Kimmel for Chrissakes.
    Go read some Bill O’Reilly Board for lame-ass boring political chit chat.

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