DiCaprio Honsou

“I think this is Leo’s year,” a director said to me yesterday. He was referring to a generally presumed one-two combo from Leonardo DiCaprio‘s performances in Martin Scorsese‘s The Departed and Ed Zwick‘s Blood Diamond. The latter has everyone’s attention because Leo has nailed his South African accent quite well, to judge from what people are hearing in the trailer.

I’m developing this nob of an idea, however, that Djimon Honsou may be formidable also in that film. My information comes from an interested party so there’s nothing to consider all that heavily. And like I said before, The Last Samurai and Legends of the Fall are reason enough to instill caution when approaching a new Ed Zwick movie. And…I could say something but I won’t. I think it’ll be shown sometime in October, though, and not November.

  • I never really cared for him too much. Not to the point of hatred, but I just never got him. He never grew up in the face, and I find it hard to take him seriously.
    And if Aaron Eckhart is not recognized for Thank You For Smoking because voters really feel the need to honor the Titanic guy, then there is need for some academy voting changes

  • I’ve been close to tossing Hounsou to the top of my own supporting actor ponderings ever since that first still for some reason. He can tap into some feral histrionics from time to time. Looking forward to this film more and more.

  • sardine

    Peter O’toole has the oscar.
    Helen Mirran is v. close.
    Honsou is a wonderful actor.
    Eckhart is great too….but SMOKING WAS A BAD MOVIE……Eckhart was the best thing about the movie.

  • While Smoking wasn’t a great film, there’s no denying how much Eckhart OWNED that role, and the whole flick for that matter. If Depp can get serious Oscar talk for the second coming of Jack Sparrow, I should be allowed the Eckhart for Smoking lobby.

  • Bob Loblaw

    “If Depp can get serious Oscar talk for the second coming of Jack Sparrow”
    Where? I have yet to hear any whatsoever. The consensus is that since the character no longer has any novelty value, Depp doesn’t stand a prayer.

  • austin111

    Forget Aaron Eckhart—ain’t gonna happen no matter how much love you give him. DiCaprio isn’t going to get any nods this year either, methinks. He may, however, get some needed appreciation as a leading man as much as for his acting abilities,though, which seem to be considerably more than he’s given credit for—perhaps for the first time from a fair number of folks for whom he’s come up short in the past. If it isn’t his year for awards, particularly, and I do think Nicholson is who will profit most performance-wise from The Departed, it may be the year when he turns that corner in which people start seeing him as a “man”.

  • Bob Loblaw (love the name, but where’s the Bob Loblaw Law Blog?), i had heard some rumblings about Depp from a few folks around, back when Pirates was the movie making all the money (July-ish). Industry folks I work with. I don’t expect anything to come of it, but when people are all excited about it, it’s tough to ignore.
    (Sad proof? See the IMDB poll of the day today)
    I fully expect Eckhart to be shafted as well, but there’s no… well, I made my point about him already.
    I don’t doubt that Leo’s good in these flicks, and hopefully he will finally be seen as a “man”.
    Is Gosling still in the running for Half Nelson? Or is the movie not on enough people’s radar?

  • D.Z.

    It was Leo’s year when he was in Titanic. Now it’s his 5 minutes. Feel sorry for Honsou, though.

  • D.Z.

    The Island ruined his career.

  • actionman

    Nobody’s career was ruined by The Island

  • frankbooth

    He looks like Robert Patrick in that pic. Freaky.

  • D.Z.

    actionman: “Nobody’s career was ruined by The Island”
    Well nobody who’s name isn’t Ewan McGregor and Michael Bay…Johansson’s the only survivor of that train wreck.

  • austin111

    Gosling definitely belongs on the short list. I’m surprised JW hasn’t picked up on this. Maybe he hasn’t seen Half Nelson yet, though. Don’t know. I think he’s got some potential to make the critic’s awards. Fine performance that follows through on early promise in The Believer.

  • DarthCorleone

    I wasn’t that blown away while watching Half Nelson, but I find the movie persistently kicking around in my mind. It’s wonderfully understated and ambiguous. Gosling deserves the nod.

  • actionman

    DZ–Michael Bay is a billion dollar director and one domestic flop means nothing. He’s doing a $200 million Transformers movie and then is going to make another film with Bruckheimer and that’s that. As far as Ewan McGregor, the guy is doing a Woody Allen flick and has movies lined up for the next two years. The Island was a blip on the radar for all involved, and an underrated movie to boot.

  • Paul8148

    What about this talk that Jack is going in up in Lead for The Departed too along with Leo?

  • D.Z.

    actionman: The production stills for Transformers look like crap, the actors are mostly unknowns, and no one’s buying the premise. I guarantee that the film will be next year’s Superman Returns, except without the praise. Bay really should stay away from sci-fi, since he’s obviously no Jimmy Cameron. As for McGregor, Star Wars is as big as it gets for him.

  • sardine

    ryan gosling is a magnificent actor….but it is Peter’s oscar.

  • Edward

    “Bay really should stay away from sci-fi …”
    Wishes Bay would just stay away.

  • thatmovieguy

    After seeing THE DEPARTED, I’m thinking this is a tough year to pick actor nominees. Nicholson is a natural, as you’d expect, but DiCaprio and Damon are also outstanding and so are potential supporting actor nominees Mark Wahlberg and Alec Baldwin, who give the movie a blast of caustic comic relief. I haven’t seen VENUS and I’m sure O’Toole is fine, but I’m wondering if the movie is this year’s MRS. HENDERSON PRESENTS. Eckhart is great and so is Patrick Wilson in LITTLE CHILDREN. If quality yielded nominations, Gosling would be a shoo-in for HALF NELSON, which is a great piece of work. And if HARSH TIMES ever gets released and widely seen, Christian Bale’s ultra-intense performance as an Iraq war vet on a rampage would definitely be an attention-getter: I saw the movie over a year ago and the memory of it still creeps me out. (Can’t wait to see THE PRESTIGE next week: The novel was fascinating.) Yes, it’s going to be a very competitive year.