I don’t know or care, really, if Josh Hartnett and Scarlet Johansson are still entwined and it doesn’t matter either way, but the general belief is that they met during the making of Brian De Palma‘s The Black Dahlia. If they’re still happening at this moment, by the law of Hollywood relationships the failure of Dahlia — critically, commercially — means that if they’re still together, they won’t be for much longer. Doomed. A movie is like a child — a creative by-product of an alliance that began with an on-set affair — and if it goes out into the world and is dissed by critics and the ticket-buying public, it’s like a thumbs-down on the relationship itself. Which makes the lovers feel like they’ve contracted a virus of some kind. And before you know it they’re “done.”

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  1. kyle21 on said:

    I hope they based their relationship on more than just the experience of the movie. I like her and he seems nice, if untalented.

  2. Question: Using this theory, where do Warren Beatty and Annette Bening stand? I know they met on Bugsy, but then they made Love Affair and that one was a bust. Does the former make the latter a mulligan?

  3. Saw Black Dahlia on the weekend. A failure to be sure, but not one without at least some merit.
    It tried too hard to be a sprawling epic like LA Confidential but became much to incoherent and at times the Black Dahlia murder seemed incidental to the plot.
    Nevertheless, Mia Kirshner I think is stunningly beautiful and conveyed great pathos and tragedy in the scenes she was in.
    Like to see her in more mainstream films.

  4. Beatty and Benning are grown ups. Life sucks being a young movie star. Working on a movie is like reporting for submarine duty. For real, it’s ONE reason I got out.

  5. Yeah, Beatty/Bening didn’t come together until they had been around the block a couple times. Scarlett Johansson is only 22 and clearly enjoys playing the field. More power to her.
    I also thought Mia Kirschner was by far the best thing about “The Black Dahlia.” (She’s also wonderfully amoral as “Mandy the Lesbian Terrorist” on “24.”) Yeesh, I agree with Nicol D, too…
    Michael Moore! The Dixie Chicks! HILARY CLINTON ’08.
    That oughta do it…

  6. Beatty and Benning are grown ups. Life sucks being a young movie star. Working on a movie is like reporting for submarine duty. For real, it’s ONE reason I got out.

  7. Mia Kirshner may be wonderful in The Black Dahlia, but one only needs to watch one or two episodes of The L-Word to figure out why she should never, ever get more mainstream work.

  8. This is the truth … Josh Harnett is a dead ringer for Leonard Nimoy as Nimoy looked in his movie roles in the early-mid 1950s … Josh Harnett should play Mr. Spock …

  9. Just want to casually mention, Jeff, that next time you find yourself categorized under “gossip” on somebody’s blog, it’s posts like this one that you may wanna think back on.

  10. Black Dahlia was possibly one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen- right up there with Show Girls and Road House. There were only twenty people in a large Westwood theatre the 2nd Friday of its opening and about an hour or so in-people started to yell out better dialogue at the screen- especially the loooong pauses Scarlett Johanssen was pulling. No one actually seemed concerned about the catcalls and it got funnier as new dialogue- like- ” I lost my screenplay! what’s my next line? “- made it a comic opera.

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