Jamie Stuart NYFF

I don’t know how many people are making personal /quirky New York Film Film Festival video diaries, but Jamie Stuart is probably better at this sort of thing than anyone else. He really has a handle on something here — the precisely timed cutting style, the grungy lonely-guy narration…he’s really the best. He just needs to do more sit-ups and eat more fruit and fewer cheeseburgers. And everything loads way too slowly on the site — it’s like watching paint dry. Stuarts’s first NYFF encounter is with the Little Chidren team — Todd Field, Kate Winslet, Patrick Wilson, Noah Emmerich, etc.

5 thoughts on “Jamie Stuart NYFF

  1. jeffmcm on said:

    Started watching it, got bored. Still not a good filmmaker.

  2. BTW if this is how Wells praises up-and-coming filmmakers, I would be amused to see how he interacts with his kids. “Hey pizza-face, nice A you got on this history paper. Go mow the lawn.”

  3. I have to disagree with the above posts. This guy has got it going on. Kudos, Jeff, for bringing him to our attention. I will be watching him and my friends like him too. Maybe it’s just for grown-ups.

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