Fire at Universal

“Sure, a welder’s unfortunate error is a completely plausible explanation for the conflagration, but we won’t completely rule out the possibility that God Himself sparked the blaze, hoping that an unanticipated setback of this scale might help the producers of a movie inspired by one of His favorite Bible stories reach their goal of making The Most Expensive Comedy Story Ever Told.” — Defamer‘s Mark Lisanti on yesterday’s fire at Universal Studios, possibly (no callbacks yet) on Stage 27 where the “ark” set for Evan Almighty has been constructed.

  • Nick Rogers

    Anything that could prevent Steve Carell from being scapegoated when one of the worst sequel ideas ever fails at the box office is fine by me.

  • The Hoyk

    Universal, take this as a sign from whatever Flying Spaghetti Monster you worship:
    Money ruins comedy. Pull the plug on EVAN ALMIGHTY. Take the writedown, commission a new script to salvage the existing footage, but dammit, do not go forward with what will surely be “EVAN’S GATE.” This is folly, and you have been significantly smote down for your hubris.