Time does Borat & Cohen

For the two-month shoot of Borat (20th Century Fox, 11.3), Sacha Baron Cohen “was in character from early in the morning until night,” reports Time‘s Joel Stein. “The crew shot so much footage that director Larry Charles is trying to sell the unused parts to HBO as a series. Even when the cops came, Baron Cohen never dropped character. It’s an impressive, perhaps insane, performance: Johnny Knoxville with a sense of humor, Andy Kaufman with a desire to please, Peter Sellers set loose on the public instead of David Niven. “It’s like Marlon Brando‘s performance in On the Waterfront,” says Charles. “Before that, everything was stylized, the John Barrymore school. After that, you couldn’t act in the old style anymore. I believe that Sacha’s performance does the same thing.”

  • Dave Polands Gut

    I think Cohen is hilarious in the movie but lets get some perspective. Hes not Brando. I have to question the motives of people even considering that comparison.

  • lesterg

    Johnny Knoxville doesn’t have a sense of humor?

  • I was thinking the same thing, Lester. Knoxville is all sense of humor.
    And the “Borat” backlash is in full effect. I haven’t even seen the film, and am already tired of the act.

  • Sean

    I gotta say, I love Borat, I think the film is great, but I’m very glad I saw it before the hype-machine started, because they’re doing a piss-poor job of introducing Borat to the masses. I don’t blame anybody for the backlash except Fox, who hasn’t been advertising the film very well at all, and has allowed Sacha Baron Cohen to do the same four minutes of jokes in every promotional appearance, from SpikeTV to SNL to the European MTV awards to Comedy Central to myspace.
    Fortunately, within five years, nobody will remember the build-up to the movie, but everybody will remember the movie.

  • Thrudvangar

    Maybe I’ll see the movie in five years. It will probably take that long for me to stop being sick of all the Borat hype. That film better be the best one ever made or I’ll be disappointed though. That’s the vibe I’m getting from all the ass kissers. Cohen just doesn’t come across as a genius god to me.