Tracking developments

New tracking data arrrived this morning, and it contains good news for Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (Fox, 11.3). It’s tracking better than those recent press stories have indicated, I mean — 40 general awareness, 39 definite, 10 first choice. Room to grow but that’s fairly decent for an 800-screen starter. Flushed Away is 59, 27 and 5….better. The Santa Clause is running 87, 33 and 9 — still the strongest of the bunch.
Babel goes into the top 15 markets (San Diego, SF, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Washington, Montreal, Philly, etc.) this Friday, and then a national (1200 screens) release on 11.10. Awareness is still building and will be accumulating over the next 10 days until it achieves, in the arcane jargon of the trade, “maximum weight drop.”
As noted previously, Stranger Than Fiction (56, 34, 3) is going to open better than A Good Year (44, 22, 2). Harsh Times is facing a tough slog…23, 24, 1. Night of the Living Dead, The Return.
Casino Royale (11.17) is doing pretty well for a big release that’s two and half weeks out, but not all that terrifically for a Bond film — 69, 35, 7. Happy Feet is looking very strong for animated kids film…50, 32, 4. Let’s Go to Prison (11.17 also)…13, 18, 0. (Well, how are you and yours about a movie called Let’s Go to Prison?)

  • What’s particularly striking about these numbers is that while general awareness is low, the gap between general awareness and “definite interest” is miniscule. Also, it’s worth noting that “first choice” on Borat is higher than either of the two openers.

  • actionman

    Jeff–do you have any initial tracking info on Deja Vu? I really want to see that one; Jerry Bruckheimer and Tony Scott back at it together puts a smile on my action-movie craving face…

  • Nick Rogers

    I’d say a movie’s facing a tough slog if the name is incorrect in the tracking data.

  • Arkane

    35m for Casino Royale & 26m for Deja Vu are third party tracking numbers.

  • christian

    do people actually get paid to do this nonsense?
    i’ve yet to hear one “tracker” note the fucking obvious:
    THE SANTA CLAUSE 3 is a kid’s movie.
    BORAT is rated r for adults.
    gee, i wonder why TSC3 would be the bigger film?
    but keep flipping that magic 8 ball…

  • Mike Schaefer

    Why are “SC3” and “Flushed Away” — two kid’s movies — opening on the same weekend?

  • Nicol D

    I agree. I’m tired of the stories wondering why the Santa Clause is ranking higher than Borat.
    It’s so obvious that I think the real story is how clueless do you have to be to not get it.
    Santa Clause= family, comedy, fun
    Borat= adult, raunch, fun
    Guess which market is waaayyyyyy bigger 9 times out of 10?


    There is actually a movie called Santa Clause 3? Jesus..

  • D.Z.

    I think people are just surprised SC3 is tracking so high, considering Tim Allen’s 15 minutes are just about up.

  • Arran

    Seems like the Santa Clause franchise actually has legs, god help us. I mean, I was hardly of the mind that the public was begging for a second instalment and it cleaned up. Tim Allen’s 15 minutes were up long ago, but I guess the concept has legs.

  • Roddy Reta

    Borat is a crude, anti-semitic piece of garabage and it’s sickening how many elitists have latched onto it. I hope it dies a quick death, like Snakes on a Plane.

  • storymark

    “Borat is a crude, anti-semitic piece of garabage… ”
    Well, at least we know there’s still one person who isn’t in on the joke.