Absolutely false

Here’s an Eddie Murphy observation from someone who was at the Kodak. I’m not trying to beat a dead horse — it’s just that this person doesn’t agree with the descriptions about Murphy bolting in some kind of fuming, petulant fashion.

“I was at the Oscars, sitting towards the front in the orchestra, and I watched Eddie Murphy leave the auditorium. He passed less than twenty feet away from me and I watched him very carefully because I knew the loss for Best Supporting Actor had to sting and was hoping he was just taking a short break and would return soon.

“For the record, he did not ‘storm out’. He did not ‘leave in a huff’. Those phrases imply a mien of anger and agitation that were simply not present. To the contrary, Eddie was composed and polite and waited patiently for those in front of him to exit the theater first. He was as cool and gentlemanly as a person could be under those circumstances.

“The phrases ‘storm out’ or ‘leave in a huff’ may be figuratively true (it’s arguable), but they are absolutely false in any literal sense. Anyone who repeats those phrases is misrepresenting what actually happened at the moment when Mr. Murphy left the auditorium, and perpetuating a falsehood. There are enough lies in Hollywood. Let’s not add one more to the pile.”

  • So to cut-and-paste my comment from an earlier thread:

    “‘Stormed out’ and ‘left the show in a huff?’ Gotta love the editorializing from people who weren’t even in the room. Couldn’t he have just quietly walked out during a commercial break?”

  • Bravo to this chap. I’ve been getting fucking sick of the perpetuation of unverified information on this thing. Sure, Eddie left. But all this “in a huff” shit is just editorial embellishment that “journalists” should be embarassed over.

  • Joshua Mooney

    What kind of lunatic would Murphy have to be to “storm out” of the Oscars or “leave in a huff”? What kind of moron would believe it? Maybe he left early, and maybe he was a sore loser. Done. Simply put, though: It’s amazing to me that people seem to believe everything or anything they read, out of the tabloids or on the internet or– Oh, wait! This just in! Peter O’Toole was seen knifing a Mexican bus-boy to death at the VF party and left almost immediately, covered in Duncan’s blood. When asked to describe the actor’s demeanor as he left, one eye-witness said that O’Toole was “in a huff,” while another said he was merely “in a snit.”

    Stoopid cunts.

  • JD

    Seriously Jeff, go rent the recently released Eddie Murphy: Delerious DVD. Skip the movie but watch the lengthy, recent interview with Murphy. He actually comes across as a fairly humble, likable guy. I’m not saying he doesn’t have a big ego — hell, he might even be a dick — but I think you’re misunderstanding his temprament pretty severely. Just watch this interview and respond. I’d be fascinated to hear what you think of Murphy after watching this. Norbit is evil. Eddie is not.

  • Ju-osh

    Comedy does not seem to be Wells’ specialty. As long as I’ve been reading this site, Jeff’s only gone Zodiac-level ga-ga over two comedies: The Wedding Crashers and Some Like It Hot.

    The Wedding Crashers is pop-lite crap. I think Jeff likes to imagine himself as some sort of rogue-ish cad, so perhaps watching the movie felt to him like a glance into some sort of Galladriel’s Mirror (sp?) or a trip down memory lane.

    And while I agree wholeheartedly with him on the greatness of SLIH, let’s face it — so does the rest of the world. It’s hardly a stunner of a pick.

    Plus, Jeff seems to have some…trouble with Black folks, and if David Poland’s word is to be believed, Wells is a racist. Personally, I’m hoping that Wells’ newfound affection for Barrack Obama will sort all of this out — for Wells and his readers — once and for all.

  • NYCBusybody

    I don’t think Wells has anything against “black people” – I think it’s quite obvious he has something against “lower-class” cultures, or what he considers male-centric, boorish, or uncultured people.

    This of course tends to include much of black culture, but also most of middle-American white taste as well. Remember his hatred of Italians in Jersey, and especially the whole shebang of not liking a t-shirt because the thread count was too low – it wasn’t European thread-count-high enough.

    I don’t think he dislikes Eddie Murphy or Chris Rock because they’re black – he dislikes them because they don’t care about thread counts, and they make films for people who don’t either. Something tells me Jake Gyllenhaal and Mark Ruffalo would fit right at home in Brooklyn, where hipster t-shirt thread counts matter, and THAT’S what Wells cares about.

  • Chicago48

    I remember that Chris Rock Oscar segment where he went to the movie theater and asked the viewers coming out if they had seen any of the nominated pictures and no one had seen them….maybe that’s Jeff’s problem…that whole Hwyd elitism thingy, and ‘sucking’ up which Eddie and Chris don’t do. The problem is these two are still making movies and getting paid for making movies, while others crash, burn and are blacklisted.

    I never believed eddie left in a “huff”, if I was Eddie I would sue the pants off of whoever started that rumor.