Fake Smith photos

This Radar Online report about the National Enquirer running fake Anna Nicole Smith body-bag photos is icky and surreal. If once a magazine indulges itself in running faked Photoshop images, very soon the editors will come to think little of running intrusive and sometime sloppily reported stories about celebrities; and from that to paying low-life sources and running photos of celebs in their out-of-shape bodies at the beach, and finally to general obnoxiousness and tackiness.

  • http://www.nicepooch.com wayne76

    I sure would hate for the tabloids to lose their standards.

    What dumbfuck would pick this up, and have any kind of reaction to the photo above?

    “Oh my God, look! She’s dead!”

  • Bocephus

    Sorry Jeff, just because some sleazy tabloid thinks it’s okay to slap pictures of a corpse on their front page, doesn’t make it okay for you to do the same. Show some class, seriously, I expect much better from this site. Leave the Anna Nicole corpse fluff pieces to gutter trash “news” sources like CNN.

  • tholl-yung

    Ah, leave Jeff alone, this site is one stop shopping for a lot of people.

  • T.Holly

    Ah, leave Jeff alone, this site is one stop shopping for a lot of people.

  • Thrudvangar

    It is for me.

    Fuck Poland and Knowles.

    Jeff’s the Master.

  • Poteki123

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