Mood ghoul

Zodiac director David Fincher “is not a police-procedural-type guy. He’s not a people-type guy. He’s a mood ghoul. I don’t think he can relate much to moral outrage. What occupies him is how to send you home antsy, unsure of what you’ve seen but sure it was worse than you think. He gives you the existential willies.” — from New York critic David Edelstein‘s just-up review.

  • malibugigolo

    I’d prefer people to tell me story.

    Not tell me a mood.

    This is looking more like the indecisive Hollywoodland with each passing day.

    I hope not, but that’s just the mood I’m getting.

  • Mike Schaefer

    And Edelstein’s review is the *worst* it’s gotten so far… Zodiac has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and an 85 on Metacritic at this point (yes, I know, it’s early).

  • christian

    and that’s what i don’t like about fincher.

    he loves “mood” as much as mann.

    people, eh. whatever.

  • malibugigolo

    Plus, after being fooled into seeing another narcissistic paranoid fantasy THE LIVES OF OTHERS (which is always the “mood” when it is based on the lives of self-absorbed writers) I have sworn off all movies about writers/journalists.

    Wouldn’t you expect a movie about people who are noble newspaper reporters to get good reviews?

  • The Movie Man

    I don’t know guys, someone trying to make an epic film in the key of Pakula about one of the most famous serial killers of all time sounds promising to me.

    Of course, I said the same thing about SUMMER OF SAM several years ago, and I was certainly eating my words on that one.


    I really dug it.

    About the only complete pan I’ve seen was Poland’s.

    Should be interesting to see how the public receives it.

  • JD

    malibugigolo, what is with your determination to compare Zodiac to Hollywoodland? I’m not feeling/seeing any parallel whatsoever, other than the most obvious and superficial. David Fincher vs. Allen Coulter is not a fair fight.

  • The Movie Man

    I would file HOLLYWOODLAND in the means well but ultimately kind of boring category. I don’t mind the inconclusive ending, my problem was that NOTHING in the picture was particularly dramatic, especially the Adrien Brody portion. As I said, not awful, but I have no interest to watch it again.

  • Geoff

    Uh yeah. I’m going to go way out on a limb here and say that Zodiac will be nothing like Hollywoodland.

  • malibugigolo

    I thought Coulter did an admirable job with the HOLLYWOODLAND script that was a good read but not cinematic in the least, much like the ZODIAC script, way too much talking, which is fine, and then your trying to bring in a visual aesthetic of “fear” to try to make it cinematic, he must because as is, most of it, doesn’t not connote fear, it reads like an analytical

    detective novel. Fincher is talented. Way talented. I haven’t read the script based on Fitzgerald story about the guy aging backwards, but that sounds much more cinematic, and I have a feeling that will be a cinematic story fit to be told by the extremely visually talented Fincher. Eric Roth+ David Fincher sounds awesome. Look what happened when Mann, (as Christian notes a mood guy, too) worked with Roth, you get THE INSIDER.

    Just my wooden nickle.

  • jeffmcm

    To all you people who are complaining about just wanting stories and not mood: it’s called a book. Go read one (but beware, fiction can occasionally veer away from what-happens-next too).

  • christian

    is it a problem to expect both in the service of the whole?

  • christian

    that said, i’m seeing tomorrow. i’ll let you know.