Apologies to Oscar Watch

In yesterday’s item about an Academy Oscar-buzz survey that will soon be received by Academy members, I said that the questionaire will ask where Academy members get their Oscar-race information and to what degree…”from the trades or online sites like this one (or Hollywood Wiretap, The Envelope, Nikki Finke, Movie City News) or Patrick Goldstein‘s column or David Carr or what-have-you?”

It was just a dash-off thing, but I failed to mention Sasha Stone‘s Oscar Watch.com, which is perhaps the comprehensive and longest-running site about Oscar-race analysis. And boy, did I hear about this! I felt like a Navy pilot flying over North Vietnam and suddenly six telephone-pole-sized SAM’s were surging up from the ground.

Gee, I don’t know…is it possible that some kind of suppressed emotional blockage was a factor? Because she seems to — I want to be careful to use the best word — urinate on me and my writings every time she posts anything here? Example: I said I’d be running video reports from Cannes and possibly before, and she wrote “why does everyone feel the need to impose themselves on the general public?” Now, that’s a pissy, cranky-ass thing to say, and 90% of the time she’s coming from a similar place.

I truly respect and admire Sasha and her site, but I think it’s understandable why Oscarwatch didn’t immediately come to mind when I tapped that item out.

  • hiviper

    you’ve pretty much always promoted her site to some degree and backed her up when her domain name was in dispute. I’ve rarely read a post from her here that isn’t bitching about your content, so I don’t know why you give her the time of day.

  • jeffmcm

    The thing is…she’s almost always right.

  • Wells to jeffmcm: Sasha Stone is a smart lady but also a purist pisshead, and she’s always spraying urine. If that’s “right,” then please give me “wrong” and the constant company of apes.

  • Ian Sinclair

    I would have thought you were more than familiar with the company of apes, Jeff, judging by how many banana peels you have slipped on in the past month or so. Sasha Stone always was, currently is, and I fervently hope will always be, a class act.

  • jeffmcm

    Jeff, forgive me, you were very pleasant when I met you last week, but this is the urinal calling the pissoir yellow.

  • Your readers don’t know our backstory. We have done each other favors in the past, back and forth and you know this to be true. I have found that I can’t count on certain people to do the tit for tat promoting. Some people are kind that way (Carr, Thompson, even Poland) and you are kind up to a point. But you represent everything I’m against entertainment journalism or even blogging – you do offer some great writing at times but you have a darkness about you that is among the cruelest I have ever seen in a person. And that darkness comes out in posts about certain actors or if you feel like it, other writers. I really don’t know what makes you tick – I never did figure that out. What I do know is that you’d need a spare bedroom for that ego of yours – you have a character problem and an ethics problem, in my opinion.

    So you can point fingers all you want. And you can make this fight of ours public if you want. But I’m starting to think that you crave negative, not positive attention. You have always had potential in you to be great. But you settle for petty.

    (thanks Ian and Jeff. You guys are the bomb)

  • Wells to jeffmcm: At least I’m not a purist, and I absolutely don’t piss on friends by disparaging their character. There are lines you need to try and respect in this racket. Criticism is fine and calling someone a jerk is par for the course, but if a person dooesn’t show basic courtesy and respect for a peer then they’re out of control and to hell with them.

  • Uh, pot kettle. What are you talking about, “purist.” I don’t take bribes from publicists? You ask for people to snipe back at you by the posts you make. I come to this site as a disgruntled HE reader, not well, you know.

  • I could lay into you, Bipedalist, by listing and dissecting your character flaws (and I presume you know I could really go to town with this), but I don’t think that’s a cricket thing to do in a public forum. I really don’t think it’s especially nice or polite with others listening. Different strokes for different folks and all that, but if you don’t want to observe these lines then I suggest that you shove off for other palm-tree islands in the sun. If you continue to spray battery acid, rest assured I will prevent you from doing so.

  • bipedalist

    Wells, go ahead and ban me. As I said, I don’t really care that much. And you know I could do the same back at you. So just think of us as having equal amounts of nukes. I thought we had come to a – well, if we can’t get along we can still have a decent working relationship – but after I saw yesterday’s post I realized, nope. You’ve deleted my posts in the past, feel free to again do so. The only reason I’m here now is because you attacked me in public and everyone has a right to defend themselves. I guess I can feel lucky that I got this instead of one your delightful emails.

  • So, y’know, I think “Hot Fuzz” was pretty funny.

  • You’re losing this battle, Jeffrey. She’s outclassing you √¢‚Ǩ‚Äú and on your own site, too. For your own sake, abort. ABORT.

  • Noah

    I really dont know what caused this rift between the two of you, but as someone who reads all of these blogs religiously, I think it’s about time for a tell-all book. Honestly. I think it would be an interesting read, about the back-stabbings and inner-workings of internet entertainment journalism.

  • Hal

    Whisky Tango Foxtrot? All this hoohah is because an Oscar tipping site was not name checked and the web master is sulking? Oh, get over yourself and grow some backbone!

  • tholl-yung

    I think she has a lot of class too, Chris, even when she’s here pissing away. But, Hal, I’m afraid trying to get her to help herself is like chasing mercury.

  • stemjoe

    i agree with hiviper. sasha stone is a moron and her site sucks anyway! she doesnt deserve all the attn she gets on this site. i can just see that whiney idiot, “waaah! why didnt you include me in your list of sites!? waaaah!”

  • Ian Sinclair

    I can see Oscar Wilde lives on in you, stemjoe, albeit lobotomized and writhing like a tapeworm in your colon.

  • Monument

    I have to question the motives of people who consistently make cheap personal attacks on Jeff. If he is that offensive to your sensibilities, why for fuck’s sake to you consistently read his posts. I don’t get it.

  • Wells to Chris Molanphy: “Abort” because I’m telling Sasha Stone to show a modicum of respect and lay off the ugly battery-acid comments or else face being blocked from commenting? Why don’t YOU abort, Chris? I’m laying it on the line by saying that a semblance of civility and mutual respect have to factor into things, and you say I’m losing the debate? By whose standards? Attila the Hun’s?

  • stemjoe

    like i said, jeff, i dont see why you give sasha the time of day. all she does is sit in her little hole and make angry comments, then expect you to promote her. she is not worth the space she takes up on your site. she overtakes so many posts with horrible, angry, spiteful comments. she is disgusting, and so is her attitude. battery acid is the PERFECT way to describe all that comes out of her.

  • T.Holly

    I think she has a lot of class too, Chris, even when she’s here pissing away. But, Hal, I’m afraid trying to get her to help herself is like chasing mercury.

  • bipedalist

    Jesus, such hating on this site. Writhing like snakes in a pit, all of you. Well, not all. Wells made this thing public – it was between he and I until he brought it live for all to see. He whined like a baby when I didn’t include him in one predictions contest once. If you all think he’s above that, well…sorry to disappoint you. And T. Holly, if I ever get anywhere in life I want to do it on my own merit not because I kissed someone’s ass and they did a favor for me. I certainly don’t want anyone’s “help.” I was pissed at Jeff for something I felt he did to me just to be mean (which he did). It was none of y’all’s business to begin with and should have been kept private.

  • Mgmax, le Corbeau

    Maybe there’s a tape of Jeffrey yelling at their daughter that Sasha could release…

  • It was none of y’all’s business to begin with and should have been kept private.

    And THIS, Jeffrey, is why you’re losing the debate. No matter what she said/you said, she’s inarguably right about this. You are, with all due respect, wrong for having brought it up.

    Again, I say, politely and for your own good: ABORT.

  • JamesK

    Seriously, Jeff – you’re coming off as a big bully here. What do you have to gain from this kind of public airing? You’re showing zero civility and less than zero mutual respect – you’re the one who uttered the phrase “battery acid” over something kind of absurd. Do something gentlemanly for once and call it quits. Step out of the playground. You’d tell your sons to do the same, I hope.

  • Mgmax

    Maybe there’s a tape of Jeffrey yelling at their daughter that Sasha could release…

  • hiviper

    Oh, I see. So Wells must avoid being the bully and ignore the monotonous vitriol she spews day after day in response to his honest commentary.

    Maybe there’s some back story and history we don’t know about between those two – all I can say is, as a regular of HE (and Poop Shoot and Mr. Showbiz before that) Wells throwing out his unvarnished opinions, photos, etc. is usually a fun diversion.

    So because he doesn’t play by the classy Sasha Stone’s “rules” as an entertainment writer and blogger (whatever those are), that makes him a cruel, egotistical maniac from the dark side. I have no complaints to people calling bullshit on Jeff’s opinions and aggressively backing up their points, but jesus christ, who needs a self-appointed school marm wagging their finger in defense of poor Eddie Murphy (as a recent example). Eddie’s doing just fine and he not going to lose an Oscar because of Hollywood Elsewhere – there’s too much publicist-driven bullshit out there.

    The movie blogs are sometimes an antidote to that bullshit, HE included.

  • Okay, okay…let’s just let this thing go. Enough.

  • stemjoe

    again, i agree with hipiver. sasha should leave this site and never come back!!

  • Ian Sinclair

    What id she do to you Joe, blow you off on the offer of a date? Don’t blame her, she’s very good-looking and has standards. As for Jeff, nice of you to offer your services, but I am sure Mr. Welles already has a good supply of bathroom tissue.

  • stemjoe

    ive never seen her. but i bet she is plus-sized. most bitchy horrible women are. and if she is hot, her attitude still disgusts me, so it doesnt matter.

  • jeffmcm

    She sure as hell has a better attitude towards life than most movie blog-site owners.

  • MovieMadness

    Hey StemJoe, Jeff posted a picture of Sasha once on this site. And yes, she is plus-sized. She doesn’t bother me as much as Jeff does, though. He needs an attitude adjustment.

  • Ian Sinclair

    It is my experience, having met many actors who have commented on the “plus sizedness” of certain other female actors of our mutual aquaintance, that those actors most critical of a woman’s weight tend invariably to be the pot calling the kettle black and are uniformly blessed themselves with features born for radio.

  • hiviper

    I’m still mulling over Jeff’s “plus size” body part per Sasha’s last (and deleted) post.

    Oh well, let’s move on, people!

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