• PaulKolas

    Living in Worcester, MA, it’s not always convenient to see esoteric or hard to find movies, so the Brattle is a movie lover’s haven that needs to survive in an era of multiplex pablum. One of the great pleasures of the Brattle is to be surrounded by astute filmgoers attuned to every nuance of what is flickering off the screen. It’s the difference between going to a great restaurant and wolfing down a quarter pounder with cheese. The Brattle is one of the few remaining sanctuaries of civilized moviegoing.

  • corey3rd

    Running a retro house can be such a pain since people will debate whether they’ll pay for a ticket or just buy the DVD. Plus a lot of titles are no longer out on 35mm. Although we ran The Dark Crystal on 70mm.

    Like the CBGB, this is one of those moments where you wonder why people don’t buy their building at some point instead of being at the mercy of a landlord that will screw you over in a heartbeat – legacy be damned.