Rockwell, Dawson

Rosario Dawson, Sam Rockwell at San Francisco’s W hotel last night — Saturday, 4.28.07, 11:35 pm — to accept a tribute award presented by the San Francisco Film Festival. The event was filled with under-35 types who had shelled out $50 per ticket. Nothing stupendous, but a nice gathering, Free Skye vodka, but otherwise cash at the bar.

10 thoughts on “Rockwell, Dawson

  1. HMS HE has been a painted ship upon a painted ocean for days now, maybe even the last couple of weeks.

    I’d go far as to…to…sorry, I almost drifted zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  2. Wells to frankbooth: Big movie-star heads, writhing brunettes on the dance floor, a surprise encounter with Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson, “Stephanie Daley,” Walter Murch (including a recording), Oscar-reading survey, Jack Valenti’s passing, Cannes videos -to0come, Steve McQueen’s car…what are you expecting, a three-ring circus by way of Life magazine in the 1940s? I report what I can, riff on whatever’s out there, respond to each and every film…if that puts you to sleep, you’re probably one of those short-attention-spanners who needs to play a video game to get the juices going.

  3. i know frank it does seem a little like he’s just throwing anything against the wall, i guess once the summer blockbusters start up we can talk grosses et al…..

  4. Hi, Jeff. Frankbooth here. Been posting forever, reading since or mrshowbiz or whicheverthefuck came first. We’ve been passing in the halls for years. Nice to meet you, neighbor.

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