Weekend tallies

For the third weekend straight, Disturbia was #1 — $9,248,000, off 29% and a $52,323,000 cume. Invisible was #2 with $7,975,000 and $3900 a print. Next, the Nic Cage film, was #3 with $6,908,000 and $2783 a print. Fourth-place Fracture did $6,804,000, off 36%…hang in there, Ryan and Tony! Blades of Glory did $5,210,000 for a fifth-place showing, and Meet the Robinsons was close on its heels with $4,892,000. Hot Fuzz, #7, expanded slightly and took in $4579, off 22%. Eighth-place Vacancy did $4,193,000, off 45%. Condemned, #9, did $3,788,000, 1844 a print…nothing. Are We Dead Yet?…slip of the tongue but a better title than Are We Done Yet?…did $3,372,000. off 35%.

  • People love that Lebeouf, eh.

  • The Winchester

    Not to be a stickler, but do you have a time machine? If not, then why are you writing in the past tense when it’s only Saturday morning? I know these are estimates, and they’re usually pretty accurate, but at least give the sense of prediction rather than cold hard facts.

    And I agree with Goulet, the people demand their Lebouf, and they get it.

  • LeBeouf. Isn’t that some kind of French venereal disease? “I never should’ve touched your sister, Fifi. She gave me Le Beouf.”

  • Noah

    I mean, I’d rather see Disturbia again than see all those other shitty movies that just came out. I mean, if I didn’t live in New York City…

  • mjn

    How did Yari Film Group’s latest attempt (Kickin’It Old Skool) at a wide release do?

    It opened on 1816 screens. I imagine it did dismal numbers, since its not Wells or Klady’s estimates.

  • “If not, then why are you writing in the past tense…”

    Exactly what I came in here to say. Saying something “did” something is not nearly the same as saying it is “going to do” it.

  • jeffmcm

    Are we meant to understand that Fracture is actually worth seeing?

  • Quick, somebody get me a glass of warm urine so I can wash the taste of ‘Next’ out of my mouth.

  • The Winchester

    I know what you mean CJ. I had a craptastic double feature of Condemned and Next, and I was actually digging Next until the godawful ending. Then again, anything would be good after watching The Condemned.

    And I was looking forward to Condemned!

  • Quick, somebody get me a glass of warm urine so I can wash the taste of ‘Next’ out of my mouth.

  • Nick29

    and there is a reason they didn’t say fuck it and put Spider Man 3 out this weekend? why the hell not,,it would open to a 100 million any day of the year.

  • Pelham123

    I had the misfortune of buying into the good word of mouth and decent reviews of “Disturbia”, thus I bought a ticket, actually sat down and watched that piece of crap. Stupidity is a kind word to use when describing that inept “thriller”. Also, Thank God “Next” finally opened as now I won’t be subjected to that trailer showcasing Nic Cage’s latest wig out-acting him one more time (at least until ***gag*** “National Treasure 2” arrives.)