Another Israeli dispute story

The N.Y. Times has now jumped into the Band’s Visit vs. Beaufort spat, with the Jerusalem-based Isabel Kershner reporting in a 10.30 story that “unnamed producers” of The Band’s Visit have been quoted as “accusing the makers of Beaufort — and director Joseph Cedar in particular — of having drawn the academy’s attention to the rule about the predominance of English, leading to the disqualification of The Band’s Visit.

After this story appeared in an Israeli newspaper on 10.14, Cedar “was quoted…as acknowledging that his producers had raised the issue with the Israeli academy, but denying any contact with the American one.

Cedar tells Kershner that “having to defend himself against accusations of being behind the disqualification of The Band’s Visit is “ludicrous, preposterous. I can understand the argument that the academy rules may be too strict, [but] we have absolutely zero to do with the disqualification. We didn’t make the rules, or put the English in that script.”

  • corey3rd

    The best thing that can happen to this film is keep fanning the ugliness to give it tons of free hype.

    It’s sad that the Oscars is willing to go to math to determine how much of a film is in English, but when it comes to determining Best Actor, you don’t have to be on screen for half the running time.

  • PerfectTommy

    Good point Corey. There are also plenty of supporting role Oscars that have gone to those that were arguably leading roles. And how about some better animation rules.

  • RoyBatty

    Well, if you want to talk about math how about releasing the vote tallies so everyone can see just how close the races are.

    I mean, if you are already going to hype the suspense of not releasing the winners before the show then stop being hypocrites by refusing to talk about the votes cast. They have already have turned it into a horse race so why be arbitrary about the numbers.

  • TomCodyPleasedtameetcha

    why does that picture remind me of Leningrad Cowboys Go America?