“Bee Movie” is “amiable but no more”

Last Friday Variety‘s Todd McCarthy called Jerry Seinfeld‘s Bee Movie (Dreamamount, 11.2) “less than inspired… amiable but no more…short on surprise and originality…content with whimsical notions and mild jokes,” etc. The all-media crowd is finally having a looksee this evening and tomorrow night, myself included.

In his Hollywood Reporter review, Kirk Honeycutt said that “unfortunately, bees just aren’t that funny” and “they aren’t intriguing cartoon creatures. Nor is the odd story Seinfeld and his collaborators dreamed up very inspired. The film labors too hard for its comic moments and never discovers a cartoon logic that will allow bees and humans to interact.”

After all that hard work and all that hoopla at last May’s Cannes Film Festival with Seinfeld flying off the roof in his bee costume on a wire….jeez. The upside is that the family crowd is probably going to go for it big-time.

16 thoughts on ““Bee Movie” is “amiable but no more”

  1. D.Z. on said:

    “less than inspired…amiable but no more…short on surprise and originality…content with whimsical notions and mild jokes,”

    So it’s like his last movie?

  2. saw this last week – worst animated film of the year. woefully unfunny, forced, and misguided… between his involvement with this and transformers, spielberg is stealing sam raimi’s thunder as “patron saint of horrendous films.”

  3. Bee Movie does in fact look atrocious…haven’t laughed once with any of the trailers…as the above poster commented, it looks forced and unfunny

  4. “enough with the Transformers bashing. it’s the best movie of its type in years. by far.”

    Best shitty movie about loud, giant robots? Agreed!

  5. John Turturro’s “performance” in Transformers made my eyes bleed. And the transformers hiding in the yard?

    This was one of the worst movies I’ve sat through in my life.

  6. Is John Turturro a GIANT FUCKING ROBOT? My problem wasn’t with the robots, it was with the people and the incredibly stupid unfunny slapstick stuff the writer and director of this piece of shit movie had them do. And you act like it’s my fault. Ha! You remind me of a fat ugly relative who tells really lame unfunny jokes and then is insulted when people look at him like he’s an idiot.

  7. Back to 5 PM. DZ,I wasn’t thrilled with “Comedian” either. I enjoyed portion where Jerry had an audience with Bill Cosby. I’m glad I saw it on a DVD from the library because I would have been steamed to pay theater prices for what was not quite up to an “American Masters” level doc. The thing is, “Bee Movie” doesn’t look that good.

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