I’m not saying this means anything as far as cineastes or animation aficionados are concerned, but a friend spoke to a Hollywood Foreign Press person about having seen Robert ZemeckisBeowulf, and the HFPA guy expressed his feelings by putting his finger in his mouth. Is it fair to even repeat something like this? I don’t want to acknowledge the opinion of an HFPA whore and pass it off as valid, but I heard this from a trusted source and I can’t brush it off. The first Beowulf screenings are happening this weekend.

  • lazespud

    It’s definately fair to pass it off… because we have no clue what the hell it means! Is the HFPA “whore” supposed to have liked it or hated it?

  • T. Holly

    It’s totally fair, dude, but could you illustrate it with a picture?

  • Ian Sinclair

    Fantasy Moguls predicting a $50m weekend opening for BEOWULF:

    EARLY TRACKING: ‘Beowulf’ Tracking Like a Four-Quadrant Blockbuster Event! Digital 3D Could Drive It to $50M-plus Opening Weekend!
    by Steve Mason
    Paramount’s Beowulf has popped onto the film industry tracking with some very impressive numbers. Based on the epic poem read by many a high school student, this Robert Zemeckis-directed adaptation is set for release on Nov. 16, and with a huge IMAX push along with over 700 traditional locations offering Digital 3D, this action/fantasy should generate a fantastic opening.

    My sources tell me that Paramount has burned only 20 percent of its massive marketing budget, yet Beowulf, starring Angelina Jolie, Ray Winstone (The Departed), Sir Anthony Hopkins and John Malkovich among others, is at 4 percent Un-Aided Awareness as of 19 days prior to release. That’s stronger than 2006 release Casino Royale (3 percent) and on par with February’s Ghost Rider (4 percent) at the same point in their marketing cycles. Un-Aided Awareness is an excellent measure of buzz, and, even early in the game, Beowulf has got it.

    I’m using Casino Royale ($40.8 million opening, $167.4 million cume) and Ghost Rider ($45.3 million opening, $115.8 million cume) as comparables for Beowulf. Both are big budget PG-13-rated spectacles, although Ghost Rider was more geared for Males Under 25 and Casino Royale had the advantage of being the latest installment in a legendary franchise. Beowulf already has a Total Aware of 67 percent, nearly matching the 69 percent Awareness scored by Casino Royale and in the neighborhood of Ghost Rider’s 77 percent at 19 days out. In terms of Definite Interest, Beowulf compares very favorably to those two blockbusters as well.

    Ghost Rider — 36 percent
    (Males Under 25, 50 percent; Males 25 Plus, 36 percent; Females Under 25, 29 percent; Females 25 Plus, 27 percent)
    Casino Royale — 35 percent
    (Males Under 25, 47 percent; Males 25 Plus, 41 percent; Females Under 25, 22 percent; Females 25 Plus, 27 percent)
    Beowulf — 34 percent
    (Males Under 25, 39 percent; Males 25 Plus, 34 percent; Females Under 25, 30 percent; Females 25 Plus, 32 percent)

    Although, it’s a bit early to analyze First Choice numbers, it’s safe to say that Beowulf is on track for a monstrous opening. Especially impressive is the Definite Interest among women, actually considerably stronger at this point than for Casino Royale and Ghost Rider. Beowulf has a chance to be a big, fat four-quadrant smash.

    The 3D approach will be a huge boon for Beowulf business. Back in 2004, Polar Express was released on over 3,500 screens including 62 3D IMAX runs. Of the $162.7 million domestic take, an estimated 20 percent-25 percent was generated from those 3D runs, and the lifetime PTA of the 3D locations was 14 times that of traditional venues. Hundreds of theaters are in the process of adding Digital 3D, either from Dolby or from a company called Reel D, in order to show Beowulf. The current number of Beowulf 3D locations is estimated at 700, but it will most likely be a higher number, possibly considerably higher.

    If Beowulf was a traditional film, tracking suggests it would be a hit. When you add 3D IMAX and all of those 700+ 3D digital engagements to the mix, it’s a blockbuster event. It’s safe to talk about $50 milllion-plus for opening weekend, and as we get closer to the Nov. 16 release date, that target could be headed north.


  • Did he see it in 3D?

  • nemo

    Aren’t those Hollywood Foreign Press guys mostly in it for the free meals? Maybe that’s what he meant — where’s my free food?

  • Ian Sinclair

    Neil Gaiman saw it at Paramount a couple of days ago and it was in 2D. I think the first 3D screenings are Friday.

  • “Is the HFPA “whore” supposed to have liked it or hated it?”

    LOL, dude… that’s the universal sign for “it made me want to vomit.” 🙂


  • Bocephus

    Wow, Ghost Rider was tracking really well. I consider it a huge guilty pleasure. I’ll never buy the DVD or anything, but I’ll definitely watch it on TBS or Spike just to see the scene where Nic Cage drinks M&Ms from a martini glass while watching a TV show about monkeys.

  • Jay T.

    You can write off Beowulf from the trailer alone – it looks like a true piece of shit.

  • With the new footage that was released today I’m leaning more towards the “crap” end of the scale:

    New Beowulf Footage: Uh Oh


  • christian

    “…and with it came…sea monsters!”

    Show, don’t tell.

  • Just saw this and thought it was really good!