Binoche on Playboy

Dan in Real Life star Juliette Binoche on the cover of the latest French Playboy. The magazine has recently undergone staff augmentations (“many big guys have joined the crew,” a reader confides, “big guys with the ability to attract big stars to pose for Playboy“). I could talk about Binoche having been born in March 1964, etc., but…how would a Playboy editor put it? That parted-mouth expression is all.

  • Walter Sobchak

    To quote Mark Twain…… schwing.

  • French Ant

    Take another look at this cover, the Cotillard picture and the Jolie one, then do the math.

  • BurmaShave

    Hubba hubba… while we’re on the subject: Whatever happened to Irene Jacob?

  • Griff

    Good heavens, it looks like she’s just been stabbed in the back.

  • Who hasn’t been in love/lust with Binoche at some point during her career? She’s a treasure.

  • iamanerd

    Is that what we’re calling it these days??

  • thezipper

    Irene Jacob is doing some movie with some very explicit sex in it. Can’t remember the name, though. Google “Irene Jacob” and “blowjob” and you’ll probably find it.

  • erniesouchak

    Uh oh, don’t tell me Jacob is working with Vincent Gallo! (eek) Binoche is luminous, and it’s too bad her rare forays into U.S. cinema include “Dan in Real Life,” which is so inert it barely registers.

  • dre

    Biggest crush ever on an actress after I saw Blue. Jesus Murphy…

  • Good one iamanerd.

  • Dublin101

    God bless all uninhibited French Actress’s. If only American ones could loosen up to the same degree.

    Is Binoche the first Oscar winning Actress to pose for Playboy? I think she might be.

  • Jay T.

    That’s what we call cover fellatio…

  • T. Holly

    I think they went a little too heavy with the mood lighting.

  • jeffmcm

    Is she actually posing or is she just on the cover for having done an interview?

  • Zoidberg

    I think she is the most beautiful woman ever to work in film….
    So, to quote the guy who quoted Mark Twain, “Shwing!”

  • PastePotPete

    Quick google search suggests pictorial, Jeff.

  • marychan


    According to French sites, Juliette Binoche actually poses for Playboy (not only interview).

  • Ford_Fletcher

    Anybody care to post the pictures when they become available. Make it easier for this non-Nikki Fink approved, scalawag cauldron of titty oglers called Hollywood Elsewhere regulars (present company included).

  • Hallick

    Jesus, it’s like the Playboy you can actually be PROUD to be buying. Bravo.

  • Ooms

    Irene Jacob’s not doing fellatio. Another (lucky) guy performs an explicit cunnilingus on her and she also does a graphic Handjob. Cool.

    Now, on Juliette Binoche on Playboy… Hooray!. Now I do already want Irene jacob, Sophie Marceau, Elsa Zylberstein, Amira Casar, Emmanuelle Beart, Audrey Tautou, Eva green, Ludivine Sagnier… all posing nude for some layouts. There actually is a god ou there!

  • dd

    cinema include “Dan in Real Life,” which is so inert it barely registers.

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