• Aguirre

    cate… the only BRILLIANT part of a truly maddening film.

  • BurmaShave

    … besides Bob Dylan.

  • p.Vice

    These assholes also have Julia Roberts in the top 5. Reassuring is the last word I’d use.

  • DavidF

    Why is this reassuring or odd?
    I mean, does this have any actual bearing on reality?
    Are we creating “buzz” here? Is that what’s going on?

  • lazarus

    I just saw I’m Not There a couple nights ago, and at this point it’s my favorite of the year so far. I’m a huge Dylan fan, and perhaps if you’re more familiar with the Dylan phases Haynes is depicting, you’ll have a greater appreciation of what’s going on, and the achivement of the whole endeavor. He managed to nail the “feeling” of each of these aspects, e.g. conjuring up the Americana/pioneer town/biblical tales of the post-motorcycle accident period in the Richard Gere scenes, or using 8 1/2 as an inspiration for Blanchett’s Don’t Look Back section.

    So many jaw-dropping images in the film it’s tough to know where to start, and the dialogue, while not contributing to any kind of plot, never fails to seem like it came from the mouth of Dylan at some point in his life. Lachman really deserves some praise here as well.

    I’m not sure how much criticism is going to matter with this thing, because to call it maddening is what people have been saying about Dylan for 40 years when they try to nail him down. The only question you need to ask is does this or does this not FEEL like Dylan, and if the answer is yes then it’s a success. I think the power of the music and the images is enough to carry this to a curious or already knowlegable audience.