Cruise on Leno

Tom Cruise plugged Lions for Lambs on Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. NBC webmasters would like you to see the clip on the Tonight Show website, but the site is hopelessly constipated and stuck its own glue so the clip won’t load.

  • christian

    Was that Kevin Spacey doing the vo for the Honda ad?

    And the Sex Pistols on Jay Leno?

    Felt like I was watching a new episode of Larry Sanders….

  • francinefishpaw

    Still calling himself an actor is he?

  • BurmaShave

    fishpaw, it’s already becoming fairly passe to attack Cruise as a crazy scientologist, but attacking him as an actor has really never worked. He still hustles and gives excellent performances in films like COLLATERAL and WAR OF THE WORLDS. We’re lucky to have him as one of our movie stars.

    It’s the opinion of the schoolboard that you’re criminally insane!

  • I’ve come around to Cruise’s side since he does take on heady roles and does ty to push himself. I don’t give a damn what he believes and all the “ooo, he’s crazy!” finger-pointng just makes me want to defend him more.