• BurmaShave


  • Craptastic

    Why watch ole bland brain Howard’s version when we have Stone’s “Nixon” and Altman’s “Secret Honor”

    Both are brilliant.

    And… not bland.

  • Thrudvangar

    Looks just like Tricky Dick.

  • BNick

    Craptastic….Frost/Nixon is not at all bland. The stage play was riveting. I see some problems they’re going to have with the adaptation to screen, but we already know the performances are going to be great.

  • Craptastic

    I’m not saying the play or book is bland…

    HOWARD is bland.

  • bmcintire

    It looks like a somehow blond Reagan doing his best Nixon impersonation.

  • IndiSB

    Is this at the Nixon Library? I was just there two weeks ago and it looks like the bushes in the back next to the helicopter outside.