Two AMC shots

Main foyer of AMC Century City following this evening’s all-media screening of Bee Movie — Tuesday, 10.30.07, 9:20 pm

Heavy cats — Tuesday, 10.30.07, 9:45 pm

4 thoughts on “Two AMC shots

  1. I was wondering if there were multiple covers. I liked the testy vibe during some of their interview, and also how funny Crowe is even on paper. The pictures on the inside are not exactly flattering though. I keep wondering why EW does these closeups, and why the actors allow them.

  2. So basically your point is that people tore ass out of there?

    On a side note, I love how that lobby celebrates the majesty of Hollywood. Humphrey Bogart, Vivian Leigh, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Chris Tucker…

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