No more Queen Latifah

A statement of general policy, effective now and locked for the indefinite future: I hereby refuse to see any movie starring Queen Latifah, and I’m going to really and truly think twice about any film in which she plays a supporting role. As far as I’m concerned every film she’s in carries the Mummy’s curse, and that includes the mostly insipid Hairspray.

Q.L.’s track record is worse than Cuba Gooding‘s even, and that’s saying something. The Perfect Holiday, Life Support, Stranger Than Fiction, Last Holiday, Beauty Shop, Barbershop 2: Back in Business, Chicago, etc. No reflection on her person or personality. She may be a great and generous human being, but her taste in movies seems to be primarily based on the concept of getting paid.

23 thoughts on “No more Queen Latifah

  1. bmcintire on said:

    She was the weakest part of STRANGER THAN FICTION (which I actually enjoyed tremendously) and I will continue to ignore your flat dismissal of CHICAGO, but the rest of that list. . .ecccch! Of course, you are omitting her worst offense – BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE. That piece of shit put Eugene Levy in the no-flyover zone for me as well.

  2. Aren’t we forgetting Living Out Loud? She’s actually good in that. But I agree, she’s like a can of Campbell’s Instant Soul that lazy filmmakers add to very white movies to add a thin flavor of black.

  3. Worse than Cuba Gooding? Give me a break! I’d gladly sit through a marathon of Latifah’s films again before I’d endure a second viewing of CHILL FACTOR, SNOW DOGS, RADIO or BOAT TRIP. Did anyone survive DADDY DAY CAMP? Even in her weaker pictures Latifah has a vibrant personality, lots of spirit and good humor; Gooding generally mugs, squeals, purses his lips and aims to be as obnoxious as possible. Did you see HAIRSPRAY? Latifah’s solo “I Know Where I’ve Been” brought down the house. I certainly haven’t loved all of her movies (and I’ve never forgotten the sight of her being attacked by mutant jellyfish in the camp catastrophe SPHERE), but she deserves her place on the screen. What a silly choice of targets.

  4. She was decent on “Living Single” and, as actionman pointed out, “Set It Off”, but she started to not care around the time of “Bringing Down the House”.

  5. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Get Latifah into a Pearl Bailey biopic, posthaste. Instant Oscar! After which she can finally come out of the closet.

  6. BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE is still one of the most insane movies I’ve seen in the theater, specifically her insanely violent fight with Missy Pyle. I give it points for that. But I hereby swear to never watch another movie with Joan Plowright!

  7. She’s terrific in “Living Out Loud,” an underrated movie if ever there was one, and I would never blame her for “Life Support,” a well-intentioned attempt to focus on some people you NEVER see in American movie: the urban working class and people living with HIV.

  8. Re the remark about Steve Martin:
    As we all know, Steve probably makes most of his recent movies to buy more Art to go on the walls of his house (or to make contributions to LACMA perhaps). And it’s safe to say that his more “personal” film projects have devolved from the heights of ROXANNE to the depths of SHOPGIRL.

    But to be fair, I’ve been reading BORN STANDING UP and it seems to be a sincere attempt to reconnect with a past he’s sometimes tried ferociously hard to distance himself from.

  9. Latifah, Ice Cube, “business-people,” critics be damned.
    Some of us liked her in Hairspray. Last Holiday? Beauty Shop? Most everything else she’s done recently? Not so much.
    Perfect Holiday opens Dec. 12, not 14.

  10. That’s too bad because we’ve been trying to get her attached to our hip-hop/western comedy “Westward Ho” for a while now. She’s be perfect for the lead role. We might be a little too respectible now so maybe someone like Mo’Nique would be better.

  11. Hairspray was great fun, though the real star of it is Marc Shaiman’s score. Are we not allowed to have fun at the movies anymore?

  12. While I personally am not the biggest fan of her work, I can respect her for being a strong and independent lesbian who is not ashamed of her sexuality. Its refreshing in the face of cowards like Jodie Foster.

  13. fartballs (your name definetly tells us where you’re coming from), if we’re supposed to believe that gay marriage/lifestyle makes no impact on the way we straights live our lives (something I agree with), why does it make any difference to your life how Jodie Foster chooses to live hers? It seems she has a partner, they raise children. She’s under no obligation to be an advocate. Be happy for her, and yourself.

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