“Sweeney Todd”, David Fincher

The first Sweeney Todd L.A. media screenings are happening today — one at 4 pm, another at 7 pm — but there will be no reactions like the ones posted after last Monday’s Charlie Wilson’s War showing. The trade review date is 12.17 — Paramount is otherwise saying no reviews “until time of release.” Tongiht’s second high–voltage event is a post-screening q & a with Zodiac director David Fincher at the Arclight. Variety‘s Todd McCarthy will deliver the questions following a showing of the Zodiac Director’s Cut.

20 thoughts on ““Sweeney Todd”, David Fincher

  1. T. Holly on said:

    Awfully good of Todd to be out so late, I just got all the way through it on DVD. Last night’s “300″ with Gianni, Jeffrey, Mark and Bernie speaking afterwards was special, but here’s my fave invite so far: “Lust, Caution,” with Q&A immediately following, AND you are welcome to stay for a special screening of LAST TANGO IN PARIS immediately after the Q&A.

    What would be a good double feature with TWBB?

  2. 1993′s “The Beverly Hillbillies.” It would interesting to debate the differences between Jim Varney and Daniel Day-Lewis’s approaches to their respective portrayals of successful oilmen.

  3. “Tongiht’s second high–voltage event is a post-screening”

    I thought that screenings of movies which are no longer in theaters is just a desperate attempt by studios to milk more money from geeks?

    Or is that just when it’s a Spielberg movie?

  4. Sean: The ZODIAC screening is part of the Variety Screening Series. It’s not open to the general public, and no admission is charged. The films in the series are all considered “awards contenders.” The screenings are not done to “milk money from geeks.”

  5. Genuine question here… can the Academy even nominate the director’s cut of Zodiac? Wouldn’t they be obliged to nominate the theatrical release?

  6. Grady’s been missing all the fun but I’m with you, Sean.

    I think it’s sick how Fincher is exploiting the film by screening it. Today’s horoscopes and a recent viewing of Dirty Harry (the first one, and the Dead Pool) really put a spotlight on how Zodiac’s legacy is being diminished (as everyone knows).

  7. It’s screening in NY. Is it playing long enough for that edit to qualify for Academy consideration all by itself?

    The question is probably moot since neither version is likely to be nominated.

  8. ‘sweeney todd’ is almost my fave movie of the year…it’s just brilliant…. and the leads can actually handle the work… the movie is just wonderful…..from there i went to ‘i am legend’…..alas, wish i’d stayed for another screening of ‘sweeney todd’….grrrr..

  9. This thread is dead Zed, but I just wanted to come back to the scene of the crime and admit that my comment of November 29, 2007 06:58 PM was as wrong as wrong can be.

    I said it. I’m not happy about it, but there it is.

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