Taubin’s uncertain job security

Yesterday’s announcement about Warner Bros. production president Jeff Robinov being handed the reins of the newly formed Warner Bros. Pictures Group as of January ’07 means he’ll be running all worldwide marketing and distribution while continuing to oversee production for all studio releases. WB president and COO Alan Horn will continue to have “final greenlight authority” but will have less overall power and no dominion over marketing, which leaves domestic marketing president Dawn Taubin, a longtime ally/protege of Horn’s, in a vulnerable spot or at least a somewhat weakened position.

19 thoughts on “Taubin’s uncertain job security

  1. cjKennedy on said:

    So, which one of these people do we hold responsible for burying The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford?

  2. Oh good… another reason to expect more crap films and posters that look like they were done in a college student’s photoshop class. (actually, those would probably be more interesting)

  3. Yes they’ll be women, but only if they’re 2 dimentional. I can’t find a legendary WB studio chief. Does Ted Ashley count?

  4. “So, which one of these people do we hold responsible for burying The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford?”

    every single exec at WB should be fired/beaten for their dumping of JESSE JAMES, the best film of the year. a crime.

  5. Now that is the truth. It’s a toss-up for me between NO COUNTRY, ZODIAC, ONCE and JESSE JAMES, but they should all be held accountable for what they did to it.

    Fucking fantastic score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, by the way. Just another thing that won’t get the recognition it deserves. I watch this about once a week just to take me back:


  6. mcm, you suck. DZ could do better than you; at least he’d make up an answer. WB is screening JJ in SF, NY, LA, London, Aspen and Maui, so I can’t get up in the ladies’ bonnets if they weren’t given a marketing and advertising budget.

  7. Love Assassination of Jesse James, loved No Country and I Loved Zodiac, but the thing is, I think There Will Be Blood has topped them all. I wasn’t sure the first time through and it’s still a close call between it and No Country…but goddamn what a movie.

    If you could somehow fit Daniel Plainview and Anton Chigurh into the same movie, my head might crack open.

  8. “You could have said Terry Semel, I think he shares your taste.”

    I’m sure this was intended as an insult, but like so much of what you write, it was lost on me. Was he the guy who demanded the giant spider that ended up in Wild Wild West?

  9. Re Christian’s post:
    I loved hearing the Kevin Smith depiction of Jon Peters. Particularly the part about Peters wanting Brainiac to rumble with a polar bear near the Fortress of Solitude.

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