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An excellent new trailer for There Will Be Blood — the best pocked-sized conveyance of what this film is — performances, plot points and all — is viewable from the Paramount Vantage website. But the embedded code is insane — it relaunches every time you refresh HE — and you’re forced to watch trailers for Into The Wild and other PV films over and over. It was torturous so I dumped it and replaced it with this YouTube trailer, which is almost as good.

24 thoughts on ““There Will Be Blood” trailer

  1. Joel on said:

    Saw this before No County for Old Men. Killer trailer. I love the weird use of music and can only assume that is the actual score.

  2. I liked the other one better (Why don’t I own this?!), it was much more resonant and layed out the terms clearer. This one is still quite good.

    As for HOW SHE MOVE (why the fuck did I watch all of those?), are we going to be treated to a new Step Dancing movie every January? It’s getting old.

  3. I preferred the other trailer better as well, just on a general aesthetic level, but Wells is right: this one gets the tone of the film better.

    And yes, that is all score to the film.

    I can’t wait to see this film again.

  4. If I’m not mistakem, this trailer has been up on Apple.com for nearly a month. It does look great, but seriously, does Paul Dano have a single line of dialogue in this thing that he doesn’t either whisper or SHRIEK? Terriffic use of the score by the Radiohead guy, by the way.

  5. My Best Picture prediction for the win is the same as it was three months ago: Atonement. But don’t diss Enchanted’s chances; I said that if it made a ton of money it would get nominated. Now it not only has the money it has the reviews – 93% after 100 reviews at RottenTomatoes. And people love it, while the only people who love TWBB are basement-dwelling arthouse nerds with father issues.

  6. I thought your Best Picture picks were Beowulf, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and The Golden Compass.

    Why are you bashing a movie you haven’t seen?

  7. I don’t give a good goddamn about Enchanted’s Oscar chances. It’s swell for all involved I’m sure and if it helps brighten your sad life, well that’s just gravy, isn’t it? Otherwise, it’s evidence of nothing.

    For the record, I will be surprised if TWBB is nominated for Best Picture. A Corliss review or the stamp of approval from the Academy means dick.

  8. Tremayne, why the fuck must you persist with your hyperbole? Most of the views of THERE WILL BE BLOOD have been qualified raves. Everyone says see it except Corliss, who is literally senile. I liked ENCHANTED too, but you’ve got the prognostication skills of Dick Cheney.

  9. Saw a screening of the film this afternoon. [possible spoilers ahead, don't read if you want to stay a virgin...] Admired the hell out of it, loved some of it–overall my feelings are pretty complicated. Some random thoughts having just watched it: Day-Lewis is as amazing as everyone says. There is a moment of pretty brutal catharsis for his character (“I abandoned my boy!”) where his face seems about to explode. Dano is less great–shrieking too much, acting too pious. And the final scene–all the dialogue in it is extraordinary, as is Day-Lewis’s delivery, but there’s some physical movement by Dano right at the very end that verges on silly. It’s also a movie that feels pathological–there is *no* quarter given here, and Anderson seems pretty much indifferent to audience comfort, and admirably beholden to nothing but his own tics and fascinations. Will see it at least once more in the theater, twice if I can get time.

  10. I assume Nick J you’re talking about the bit of business that leads up to The Big Finish. If so, you’re right, though it also has a disarming effect that heightens the impact of said finish.

    You’re right though that Dano is no match for Day-Lewis. I’m not sure who is at this point.

  11. Saw TWBB last night @ the DGA… Awesome awesome awesome movie. People talking about Kane parallels were right, except for the whole narrative structure. I think it’ll end up with the Best Pic AND Best Actor prize myself. Before seeing this my money was on TLJ for Elah.

    No Country’s ending takes it out of the running and Before The Devil is such a relentless downer kind of movie with characters that are such complete fuckups that it just doesn’t seem to me like something that will sit well with Academy voters, not to mention the fact that it’s possibly the worst utilization of the Panavision Genesis I’ve ever seen in terms of cinematography IMO. Reign Over Me by comparison looked great shot on the PanGen.

  12. Oh and Jonny Greenwood NEEDS to get the Oscar for best score for this movie. But what do I know, I thought Rian Johnson’s bro should have gotten the best score Oscar for Brick last year and he didn’t even get nommed.

  13. And like Nick J kind of touched on, it’s not that Dano doesn’t do a great performance here, it’s that DDL’s performance is better by comparison.

  14. I fundamentally reject the idea that NO COUNTRY’s ending takes it “out of the running”. It’s a frontrunner for Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor (damn near lock), Cinematography, Editing and Director. It’s also possibly the most talked about film of the year, which is all “word of mouth” really means. Only a tool would tell his friends “Don’t see it”, the rest will be saying “I thought the ending was gay but this guy with the cattle prod was totally awesome”. Two starmaking performances and some of the best stripped-down action setpieces of all time. Frontfuckingrunner. I shit you not.

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