Thompson’s support among actors

There aren’t very many Republican actors in Hollywood, granted, but they’re out there. And it seems reasonable to assume that at least some of them would be supporting Fred Thompson‘s bid for the Republican Presidential nomination. The guy has acted in “40 film and TV projects, after all, and appeared with thousands of other performers during his years in Hollywood going back to the mid-1980s until a recent turn as Ulysses S. Grant in HBO’s Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee,” as Politico‘s Jeffrey Ressner reports. And yet “only one recent contributor to Thompson’s presidential campaign, with a donation of $350, put down ‘actor’ in the ‘profession’ category.” So local conservatives prefer Rudy Giuliani or (choke) Mitt Romney?

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  1. BurmaShave on said:

    The biggies, like Bruce Willis and Tom Selleck, have recently expressed intense dismay with the Republican Party. I’d be interested to see where their support goes. I think Dennis Miller’s security blanket support for Giuliani is fairly indicative of where most of them are though. No one in their right mind would support Thompson. His campaign is stillborn. Don’t they waste enough money in their dayjobs?

  2. It’s possible…just possible…that when people are choosing who to donate hundreds or thousands of dollars to that they might take other things into consideration besides the fact that they had the same job as that candidate. Maybe a similar take on social issues might play a larger part for these actors than having the same occupation.

  3. What Noah said…. good point.

    It’s like how candidates always (often) win their home state. I never got that. “Sure, I don’t agree with the guy on ANYTHING, and I’d much prefer to see this nation led by the other guy, but I’m voting for him because he’s from my home state! The prez representing my home state is way more important than the future of our country!”

  4. I think folks maybe got excited about Thompson based on his persona from acting jobs. When you actually hear the guy talk you realize he’s not nearly as sharp with his thoughts/tongue when he doesn’t have a writer putting words in his mouth.

    Stillborn is right.

  5. All good points… but I think the more interesting illustration here (and what I think JW was driving at) is that Thompson’s actually worked with a lot of the community (which is dominated by Democrats, but still).

    So it’s not just that Republican actors aren’t favoring Thompson on the basis of his profession… but those that know him and have worked with him are choosing not to support him. Chalk that up to simple good taste or pragmatism if you will, but I think it is revealing that he hasn’t charmed any of his former co-workers more than that.

    (I did catch a scene from Red October with Thompson and Alec Baldwin over the weekend, and chuckled over the possibility of them meeting today… )

  6. From National Review Online:

    Peyton Manning or Adam Sandler? [Jonathan Adler]

    In the course of an article on how Fred Thompson’s acting career has not translated into substantial Hollywood support, The Politico reports on how some celebrities are lining up in the GOP primaries. For Thompson: Pat Sajak, Gretchen Wilson, and Peyton Manning. For Giuliani: Kelsey Grammer, Ben Stein, and Adam Sandler. Apparently John McCain and Ron Paul have some celebrity support, but the details are not mentioned. Nor does the article discuss Chuck’s love for Huck.
    (If you haven’t seen it, here’s that Chuck Norris ad for Hackabee.
    If this doesn’t make you take his campain seriously, whatever will?)

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