Blow it out your ass, Joel and Ethan!

Amused last night by Julie Chen‘s account of the bombed-and-belligerent Sean Young telling Julian Schnabel to “get on with it!” at last weekend’s DGA Awards, David Letterman half-seriously stated (quote approximate) a hope that “this is the start of a new award-show trend — heckling winners.”

13 thoughts on “Blow it out your ass, Joel and Ethan!

  1. Mr. Buckles on said:

    Sean Young should be seated in the front row of all award ceremonies!

  2. Does she have a history of substance abuse? I don’t know why, but the quickie announcement about her entering rehab smacked of spin; a desperate attempt to save her career. Maybe she’s just an asshole.

  3. “Does she have a history of substance abuse?”
    Long-rumored, yes. She has a history of erratic behavior, which led to her being fired at least once, and there’s some crazy story floating around about her trying to get into ‘Batman’ or ‘Batman Returns’.

  4. Julian Schnabel is half artist/ half con man. I’m glad Sean Young had enough liquid courage to heckle this legendary blowhard and bullshitter. Three months ago Julian Schabel ran a stop sign on Montana Blvd. and almost ran over my wife and my daughter and I. My wife stared at him through the windshield of his obnoxious SUV and he gave her the finger. So fuck him. Maybe he could try making a movie that doesn’t nutball off of the legacy of another artist. Besides, David Salle is a better artist and filmmaker. Search and Destroy is one of the great underrated black comedies of the 1990′s.

  5. Well, she’s obviously off her rocker, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s an addict.
    Thanks for posting that video, Richard. It’s really quite interesting. Yes, she was very rude. But he comes off like a pouting, self-pitying poseur.

  6. Sean was the original Vicki Vale in Batman, but broke her collarbone and was replaced by Kim Basinger. Cue 1989 blockbuster box-office… Sean realized the significance of her loss, and desperately tried to re-enter the franchise in time to be cast for the 1992 sequel, by sewing her own personal Catwoman costume to force an impression on Tim Burton. Similar to how Freddie Prinze Jr tried to become Spidey.

  7. She was also fired from “Dick Tracey” after a few days shooting…she says she didn’t get along with Warren Beatty. And then she was such a pain she was almost totally cut out of “Wall Street” as revege.
    That girl has some BAD LUCK!

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