“Falling Slowly” back in the race

I missed this Bagger announcement last night: “Falling Slowly,” the Once song, is back in the running as a legitimate Best Song contender, having been pronounced eligible and put back on the ballot by the Academy’s music branch executive committee.

Terrific, guys…but why, given the well-known, not-hidden facts about Glenn Hansard having written the song for the film and he and Marketa Irglova recording it only subsequently on two other albums, was there a challenge in the first place?
The deal all along (or so I’ve understood) has been that since Once failed to gather the Best Picture talk it certainly deserved all along, the Best Song Oscar is being seen as not just a fitting tribute for the song (and Glenn-Mar’s touching performing of it), but as a repository of all feelings of respect and affection for the film itself.

15 thoughts on ““Falling Slowly” back in the race

  1. hopefully all this press will have members of the Academy actually watch the song in the film instead of just picking a random song from Enchanted. It’s the most intense musical moment in a dramatic film since “Singin’ In the Rain” in A Clockwork Orange.

  2. As a former musician who has done a lot of what was depicted in “Once” myself, I know that playing and writing music together is about as soul-close as you can get to another person. This film ranks very highly in my all-time list and the closing shots have to be at the top. Slays me. Good luck to the filmmakers.

  3. One of the real treats of the ceremony, if they have it, will be seeing this song performed live. Hopefully it will make lots of people who weren’t even aware of the film’s existence to go out and rent it.
    Remember two or three years ago when they had Beyonce sing all the songs along with the original artists? I’ve been thinking about how the heck they would work that this year. It would probably be a train wreck.

  4. I’m not the most sentimental guy in the world, but seeing those two perform live, seated on the same small piano bench, her head resting on his shoulder while he sang a verse was about the sweetest thing I have ever seen.
    I love the movie, love the music and I hope the Academy rewards them for it. Seriously, is there another song in that category that even comes close?

  5. Gabriel — No song comes close, except maybe one of the other songs from the film not nominated. If You Want Me, When Your Mind’s Made Up, Lies…come on. The songs are fantastic.

  6. Gabriel — No song comes close, except maybe one of the other songs from the film not nominated. If You Want Me, When Your Mind’s Made Up, Lies…come on. The songs are fantastic.

  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova don’t perform on the Academy Award broadcast, someone should be fired…or at least forced to watch “Norbit” repeatedly.

  8. Yes, the song was recorded on three 2006 albums, but that wasn’t really the issue. It was whether the song had been written for “Once” or a Czech film in which it was also used (“”Kr√É∆í√Ǭ°ska v nesn√É∆í√Ǭ°z√É∆í√Ǭ≠ch” aka “Beauty In Trouble”) that came out around the same time. So, it was a perfectly legitimate question that needed to be cleared up. Why the Academy’s music committee didn’t check it out weeks ago I don’t know. But I’m awfully glad the song is eligible — especially because, the way it’s performed in the movie, it’s one of 2007′s most memorable scenes.

  9. Glen Hansard should be up for best actor. All of the attention to the music is wonderful, but he gives a damn good acting performance in the movie along with the musical performances. The look on his face when they’re up in his room and he asks Marketa if she wants to stay the night is heartbreakingly raw.

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