February Dog Days

The usual February dog days aren’t as canine as they could be. Screenings of City of Men, The Eye, Young at Heart, Diary of the Dead, The Hottie and the Nottie, Cover, The Witnesses, Snow Angels. (What about Vantage Point?) In Bruges, The Band’s Visit and Fool’s Gold (HE favorite Matthew McConaughey!) opening on 2.8; Be Kind Rewind, The Counterfeiters and Vantage Point on 2.22; Chop Shop on 2.27 in NYC; Chicago 10 (limited); City of Men and The Other Boleyn Girl on 2.29. Plus the will-they-or-won’t-they-happen Oscars, special screenings, script reviews, next week’s DVD of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, etc (which, of course, will be bare-bones to allow for a subsequent “director’s cut with extras” version down the road.)

26 thoughts on “February Dog Days

  1. actionman on said:

    City of Men, Vantage Point, Snow Angels, In Bruges, Be Kind Rewind, and possibly The Other Boleyn Girl are the ones I’m looking forward too.
    Can’t freaking wait to get Jesse James next Tuesday

  2. City of Men, City of God, Children of Men, Children of a Lesser God, City of Lost Children… not since William, John and Mississippi John Hurt have I been so confused.

  3. oy, i posted a comment on http://www.chud.com ‘s new comments section that i was trying to copy and paste over here but their site seems down at the moment… essentially it said that i caught BE KIND REWIND last week, and even as someone who simply adores gondry’s visual whimsy (the absolute magic it worked for bjork’s videos and the degree to which it complimented kaufman’s eternal sunshine script) the film was thuddeniigly mediocre. the script is beyond leaden and cloying, the characters nauseatingly stupid, the narrative distracted, and the moments of glee few and far between (and almost all seen in the trailer). despite its admirable message, gondry turns out one of the most crushingly flat films in recent years.

  4. Ya know, when I first heard about Jumper I thought– winter dump crap. I mean, Sam Jackson is a fantastic actor. . . who unfortunately does more paycheck roles than most anyone. And Hayden is great at playing whiny brat, not much more.
    Then I saw the trailer. It’s not the greatest trailer, but it sure made the movie look a whole lot more interesting than just hearing about it. It seems smarter than most shitty sci-fi movies.
    So, crapfest, or sleeper hit? I’m not expecting something like the Matrix, but I’ll definitely take something like Equilibrium.

  5. Jumper is shit
    Wells: do you know for a fact that there will be a DC of Assassination of Jesse James?
    I was planning on getting the Blu-Ray, but if there is a DC (haven’t heard that) I’ll hold off.

  6. Heard today that Jumper has been put back to the summer. Is this true, given it’s supposed to open in the UK February 14?

  7. That’s sweet that Semi-Pro is R…I’ve cracked up at the trailer so it’s good to know that the crazy/raunchy stuff hasn’t been ruined yet.
    Vantage Point…great trailer…but they show waaaay to much…is it a case of great-trailer-shitty-movie?
    I really hope Jumper is as fun as the premise is…it seems like it could be an edgy two-hour episode of Sliders with big-budget FX work…or maybe it’s a pile of monkey dung…

  8. FYI on Vantage Point– isn’t that trailer, like, a year old? I saw it in front of Rambo, and I recall seeing it a very long time ago, and it was exactly the same. How long has that thing sat on the shelf? And anyone know why?
    Because it WAS a pretty cool trailer– Syriana meets Bourne meets Rashomon (or, sadly, Snake Eyes, ugh).

  9. The best part of the Jumper trailer is that you apparently keep one of them from jumping by hitting them with some kind of harpoon gun (with which you can presumably haul them back from wherever they’ve jumped). That is goofy as hell, but for some reason I love it.

  10. bachelorcool: I think you may have gotten some bad information. My Fox rep just confirmed a JUMPER screening for Feb. 11. I’m pretty sure it must be going on the 14th.

  11. City of Men, City of God, Children of Men, Children of a Lesser God, City of Lost Children… not since William, John and Mississippi John Hurt have I been so confused.

  12. By the way, it’s more Hong Kong than Thailand anywa. Aren’t you supposed to be some kind of expert on Asian movies or is that yet another one of the many things you really don’t know anything about?

  13. jeff: The directors are Thai, and the setting is mostly Thai. There are some HK actors in it, but that’s about it. Also, “The Eye” is nothing like “The Ring”, unless you think all “young women in peril” thrillers are Japanese.

  14. No, I just think you’ve proven, time and time again, that you’re an idiot. And as usual, I’m an idiot for arguing with you because it’s pointless, but here goes again to set the record straight just so everyone knows that you’re wrong. The directors were born in Hong Kong of Chinese ancestry. The lead actress is Chinese and Malaysian. Most of the movie, until the last act, takes place in Hong Kong. I have to assume you haven’t actually seen it.
    It’s not accurate to call it a ‘Thai’ movie.

  15. No, that’s still incorrect. It’s mostly Chinese from Hong Kong with some Thai talent involved. The only Thai involvement is that the directors started their career their while being originally from Hong Kong, part (less than half) of the film was shot there, and one of the film’s four or five main characters is Thai with the others being generally Chinese.
    Let me make something clear: My first choice in this world would be for you to be able to have normal, reasonable conversations not burdened by your huge pretentious ego. In second place would be for you to be so shamed by the constant evidence of your own ignorance that you just stop posting. But instead we’re settling for you to never listen to anybody and persist in your path of madness and terror. Is there any way that anybody could ever break through your steely facade? Would you like a hug?

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