Increasing critics influence over Oscar noms

“The Guild voters have not been their usual reliable selves in predicting Oscar trends this year, but the membership overlap with the academy is just too overwhelming to ignore the winds that seem to be blowing for the Coens.
“Referring to the critical landslide No Country for Old Men has received as well as the multiple critics awards for SAG’s best actor, Daniel Day-Lewis, and best actress, Julie Christie, one wag said, ‘The critics groups [seemed] to hijack the Oscars this year with their own picks.’ If this is the way the Oscars also are headed, it would be hard to argue the substantial influence critics are having on the race this season — more than ever.” — from Envelope columnist Pete Hammond‘s latest bang-out (dated 1.28).

6 thoughts on “Increasing critics influence over Oscar noms

  1. shepherd12345 on said:

    bullshit. NFCOM is not an academy movie. ATONEMENT wins BP.

  2. I caught the end of ATONMENT on OVNTV while I was seeing what was on, really pissed me off. I’ve seen bits and pieces of it and it seems to have the look of an Academy Award winner. It looks like my wife will like it and I’ll tolerate it.

  3. ‘Atonement’ can’t win any major awards and, thus, is for all intents and purposes ineligible for Best Picture. It has one acting nomination, which it won’t win. It has a writing nomination which it almost can’t win. It will sweep all the smaller awards it’s up for, probably including Cinematography and Score, but nothing serious.
    ‘No Country’ takes Supporting Actor, Director, and Picture, and probably Adapted Screenplay.
    ‘There Will Be Blood’ gets Actor, might sneak one for sound or even cinematography. I doubt it will get screenplay, but it’s more likely than Atonement, that’s for sure.
    And ‘Juno’ gets Best Actress and Original Screenplay.

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