Plouffe raps Clinton campaign critique

“I don’t think the [Clinton] campaign…generally ruled to be out of bounds in any number of areas, has a lot of authority on lecturing any else about the tone of a campaign.” — Obama campaign manager David Plouffe speaking earlier today.

24 thoughts on “Plouffe raps Clinton campaign critique

  1. Joe Leydon on said:

    Dear God: Could the Republicans wind up self-destructing just like… well, Democrats?

  2. “It was totally Wells. He was sitting in the good seats.”
    Totally! And Sam Jackson was up in the balcony. What’s up with that?

  3. Where did the other thread go? Oh well…
    It’s clear that Hillary is a much more fluid and articulate speaker who, in person, isn’t any less likeable than Obama (save for her hyena cackle upon being asked an uncomfortable question)…
    ……in my humble, unqualified opinion, Obama looked and acted very VP-ish last night. Civility is welcome, but it says something when Wolf Blitzer (of all people) has to carry you in a debate…he was out there throwing elbows for Obama, opening up lanes, but instead of driving to the hoop, Barack was perfectly happy to lay back and take long jumpers.
    And how did Wells wind up behind such a worthless hack as meathead? Was Michael Mann out on location somewhere?
    One other note…can they leave the moderating to professional television journalists? The Times and Politico moments were painful. Some good questions there for sure, but also some very nervous moderators.

  4. Did you use a basketball metaphor because he’s black?
    A lot of the topics last night were laid right into Hillary’s kitchen, and, being a woman, she knew just what to do with them. She put a little salt on to bring out the underlying flavors, let them simmer a bit in people’s minds, then sharpened her knives and carved up Obama.

  5. What’s wrong with me? I’m not the one who used a forced basketball metaphor to describe last night’s performance by Obama, Fuzzy Zoeller.
    It also wasn’t a serious post.

  6. CNN rigged that debate to have as little conflict as possible.
    The NYTimes runs a front page story yesterday documenting Bill Clinton’s propping up of a Kazakhstani dictator who tramples human rights, simply because a large Clinton donor wanted to butter the guy up to get the rights to mine for uranium in the country. The donor subsequently gave over $100 million to Clinton’s foundation.
    Even as this was going on, both Hillary and the State Department were taking a hard line stance against the Kazakh government, which was in the process of rigging an election.
    How does CNN not ask Hillary why she doesn’t have the foggiest idea of what her husband is up to?

  7. Then it was a poor exercise in sarcasm on your part…you’ve got to give SOMETHING that tips off the reader…
    Funny how your mind connects the basketball metaphor to Obama who’s black (and white, let’s not forget), but not to Wolf Blitzer who’s white. *I’m” theone forcing things? Don’t tread on me, friendo.

  8. Wasn’t the follow-up about Hillary being a woman in the kitchen the tip off that it was sarcastic?
    I got it. At least I thought I did.

  9. If we’re gonna use metaphors, Obama is Blu Ray, and Hillary is HD-DVD.
    BNick: I’m still waiting for Bush to do something about Pakistan.

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