Sean Penn as Harvey Milk

Slashfilm’s Peter Sciretta has posted two shots of Sean Penn in bearded, early ’70s guise as the late, deeply mythologized San Francisco supervisor Harvey Milk in Gus Van Sant‘s currently-rolling Milk. It appears as if Penn is trying to merge with Milk by wearing a prosthetic schnozz. His own nose has never been patrician or baloney-slice thin, but it does seem larger and more bulbous in the black-and-white Milk photo.

Sean Penn in Gus Van Sant’s Milk; Harvey Milk

23 thoughts on “Sean Penn as Harvey Milk

  1. Adrien Brody and Matt Damon seemed perfect to me. Although Josh Brolin is the shit right now.
    After watching 30 minutes of ALL THE KING’S MEN, Sean Penn needs something good. He was bloody awful in that film.

  2. I’m not normally a big fan of prosthetic noses, but this nose a) looks real and b) makes Sean Penn look just different enough for me to believe that he’s a gay politician, not the most aggressively heterosexual actor of his generation. On a semi-related note, does anybody else believe that Penn’s marital problems might stem from a little line-crossing method acting in preparation for this role? Just a thought.

  3. Stephe96: damn, you are dead-on with that. Maybe he can play Townsend in Mike Meyers’ Keith Moon biopic.
    BTW, Peter Coyote played Milk in the Showtime adaptation of Execution of Justice some years back — also good casting that most have forgotten about.
    JD: if that were true… I mean, woudn’t you think two actors married to each other would have an understaning about such things?

  4. I’m pretty sure everyone here who’s familiar with Harvey Milk has an image of Sean Penn SMILING throughout the film. It’s interesting to me.

  5. I knew there was something weird about that photo (besides the nose). I haven’t seen Sean Penn smile like that since he played Spicoli.

  6. I only asked because I saw a photo and those teeth don’t look all that different than Penn’s natural set…and yes I am so bored that I did an image search looking for Sean Penn’s teeth.

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