17 thoughts on ““Wolfman” script wasn’t “there”?

  1. York "Budd" Durden on said:

    $100 million budgeted for a script that isn’t “ready”? Madness. Oh, wait, it’s Hollywood. Never mind.

  2. Lionel: “You don’t understand. Every night when the moon is full, I turn into a wolf.”
    Wilbur: “You and twenty million other guys.”

  3. Your comment doesn’t make sense if it isn’t, futureman. If you’re not disparaging the term “music video director” then you’re basically asking “so does some other director get to do this $100mil movie?” Which is not a question worth asking since the answer is obvious.
    And Brian O, directors have to come from somewhere. How many worthwhile directors come out of tv? And are commercials any better than music videos? Spike Jonze, David Fincher, Roman Coppola, and yep Mark Romanek came from music videos, and they’ve all made worthwhile movies(I could see someone saying Roman Coppola’s CQ was maybe less so than the others, though I enjoyed it).
    Of course, there are plenty of bad directors who came from music videos, like Michael Bay(who has his defenders, I am not one), but their videos were never actually even that good. Same thing with Francis Lawrence. Romanek made great music videos. As did Fincher, Jonze, Gondry etc. He was at the top of the game. And Romanek’s previous movie was pretty damned good. If it suffered for anything it was for lack of ambition.
    Of course if you’re telling someone who reads a fairly obscure movie blog to “watch more movies” it’s pretty clear you’re not one to actually think things through before you write them. As if anyone reading this blog, or hell, who has even HEARD of this blog, is anything less than a hardcore movie fan.

  4. I think someone with a bit more of a track record will end up making Wolfman, Romanek got his shot and decided not to take it. I bet another music video director won’t get to direct it. Bay is one of the better “bad” music video directors.

  5. While I would never criticize somebody for just being a music video director, I do think studios should be criticized when they give huge budgets to people who have never made a movie before (like Lawrence), or have never made a real studio movie before (like Romanek).
    It seems to happen more often with video directors; I believe the theory is that they’ll be more malleable than a director who has proven his chops and worked his way up to a big budget.

  6. I was looking forward to seeing what he could do w/ this material, but going into a shoot w/o a finished script is rarely a good thing. I don’t know what does more damage to his career, bailing on this now or making a piece of crap later.
    Music video director shouldn’t be a put down or recommendation, you gotta look at the output. Fincher, Romanek and Pellington have done great work in the medium, including awesome, visually compelling vids for Nine Inch Nails(yup, my fave).
    Tarsem Singh is another one, The Cell was great visually, but had a weak script and fails overall because of it. Romanek probably made the right decision if it was based on lack of script.

  7. Should have seen this kind of blunder coming a mile away… Brett Ratner’s stepping in according to Harry Knowles. Has anyone heard this is official yet?

  8. It’s like Ratner waits around for directors to leave, he must not like developing his own stuff. I wonder how many directors are receptive to taking over the movie so late.

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