Young-Schnabel tape

The Sean Young-Julian Schnabel DGA video from last Saturday night. You can barely hear Young saying “get on with it!”…just barely. It’s underwhelming. The irony is that Schnabel did take too long to get rolling. His on-stage behavior seems a tad affected, running his hands through his hair, pausing eternally. Not that this excuses Young’s behavior.

22 thoughts on “Young-Schnabel tape

  1. actionman on said:

    Sean Young is a stupid, obnoxious drunk who ruined a wonderful moment for an excellent filmmaker. There was nothing “too long” or “affected” about Schnabel. Here’s a guy who has only made 3 movies, has never had this sort of acclaim thrown at him, and it’s his first DGA event. It’s a non-televised event, so who cares how long it takes him to get “rolling.”
    Sean Young will be the star of a reality tv show in no time and Schnabel will be at the DGA ceremony again in the future…ha-ha.

  2. I take Letterman’s point of view with this one… they should have Miss Young at every awards show sitting front and center with a dog collar around her neck and a high ball in each hand waiting to trounce on any douche who makes the award about themselves. Sometimes playing the music after 30 seconds just ain’t enough.
    Sean Young… today’s Coolest Person Everrrrrrrr.

  3. She’s a courageous woman. The guy was taking an incredibly long time to get through his acceptance speech. This guy is in hollywood? he’s got nothing to do expect scratch his head during his speech? Sean saved the entire thing from been a debacle.

  4. Ugh…I hate the long pause at the awards podium from people. Are they so honored that they can’t speak? Overly flattered? It is false humbleness, if that is a word. It’s as obnoxious as Sean Young’s behavior…well, almost.
    Which is worse, the silent treatment, the immediate crying, or the overly excited acceptance speech?

  5. Classic case of win-win. They both get some welcome mainstream exposure. Julian returned and finished his speech. Young will get to go on Larry King in 28 days and reintroduce herself. I wouldn’t be shocked if they are sleeping together and planned the whole thing.

  6. What the fuck are you smoking this morning if you think that was “too long”??? I watched the video thinking there was going to be this like 10-15 second pause or something, but nope just Schnabel taking like 2 seconds before the time-impaired Young starts up.
    However, I do think it would be great if they gave out free booze at the Academy Awards so some of those “winners” could get heckled. Would make my night if in the middle of Ruby Dee’s speech someone slurred out from the front row “Lifetime Achievement!” or “Guess one dead Ozzie is worth a gold Oscar” (in other words, what everyone is thinking).
    I do love the irony of that – Wells was so insulted that Ryan might win best supporting yet his karma has resulted in someone who shouldn’t have even been nominated possibly winning. Seriously, who even remembered that Dee was in that fucking film?

  7. She may have been the one to say it, but I know I was thinking it just watching him here on the clip and I can’t imagine the rest of the audience wasn’t thinking it too.
    I’ll… uh… have a… a, uh… hamburger with… uh… no… (scratch scratch)… uh cheese…
    How does he get through anything in his day with that pace?

  8. Actually Dee’s scene where she tells Denzel that she’ll leave him, though rushed, is the only scene i remember in the whole movie. Well, i also remember the scene when Crowe cracks the guy w/ the butt of his shotgun during the bust scene. Unsure of whether the butt of his shotgun deserves a nomination though.

  9. The way he fakes “leaving” is as obnoxious as her yelling out.
    Christ, could you hear him weezing through those long pauses? With the silence of the room, it sounds disgusting. The trip to the stage seems to have taken some effort.
    To me, this whole thing reads as follows: a chick who had too much to drink and was saying what most likely everyone in the room was thinking to a drama queen.
    Sure, it was his moment in the sun and I’d be a little pissed too but, in my opinion, he handled it like a dramatic baby.
    Thank you, Sean Young, for letting Hollywood know how many people feel about these kinds of speeches.

  10. The only reason anyone is talking about this boring ass awards show is because of Sean Young. Yes, she’s a crazy ass bitch but she’s entertaining – something too few celebrities remember to be. Why did Schnabel take so long to speak as if he was taken by surprise that he even had to say something? Be prepared, fool! Quite frankly, I’m sick to death of awards shows with people who just go on and on and yet say little to nothing of value. Have Sean Young sit in the front row of every award show and the damn things’ll be two hours shorter and that’s a good thing.
    Go, Sean, you crazy ass bitch!

  11. …waiting to trounce on any douche who makes the award about themselves. Sometimes playing the music after 30 seconds just ain’t enough.
    It’s not an awards show. It’s not televised. It was an invitation only ceremony. Why wouldn’t Schnabel make the award “about himself.” It was all about him at that moment, and that’s the way it should have stayed.

  12. “waiting to trounce on any douche who makes the award about themselves.”
    Uh, when someone wins an award, it is most certainly about them Einstein. He does come of as pompous though, but with talent at that level, it’s earned. Here’s hoping her impending reality show wins best reality show of the year at the reality tv awards(which surely must exist), and some drunk in the front row shits on her moment. Dumb bitch.

  13. I love Sean Young! She’s like some fluffy pet that was smacked by a car, wandering in circles in the street ever since.

  14. That video makes it clear that Julian is the sort of spaced out, affected artist who needs a dose of “snap out of it.” I mean, isn’t this the guy who spends the whole day in his pajamas, presumably surrounded by shitty modern art world snobs and syncophants?

  15. I’ve seen Schnabel at Q&A sessions after films, and every time he took an insanely long time to get ready. While the crowd waited, he was laying down on stage, rearranging chairs, and drinking water. It’s inane.
    Apparently he pulled the same the same shit at this year’s NY Film Festival:
    “The ever-prickly Julian Schnabel ascends the stage in his pajamas. As Richard Pe√É∆í√Ǭ±a dives in with an opening question, Schnabel tells Pe√É∆í√Ǭ±a to “relax” and to let him have a glass of water first. The audience sits in silence as Schnabel unscrews the cap on his water bottle, pours the water into a glass, mutters something into the mic, takes a big drink of water and graciously (cough) allows the Press Conference to begin.”
    from here:
    The guy’s kind of an asshole… Sean Young isn’t really excused, but two wrongs don’t make a right…

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