Cut a rug

“We were kind of in a slump until I was dancing on the show. My poll numbers skyrocketed after that. Everybody saw me bust a move on Ellen, that’s all it took.” — Sen. Barack Obama to Ellen Degeneres on her show today (which was taped yesterday?). Here’s the original dancing clip from last October. The guy can cut a rug. Gotta give him that.

  • BurmaShave

    I find his dancing kind of awkward, and endearing.

  • He got the dancing skills from his mom, apparently.

  • Meegosh

    Oh, he is white then, had me fooled for a second.

  • gruver1

    It’s the rhythm of it…the old step-in-time, going with the groove, can’t-be-John-Travolta, gotta hold it in.

  • T. Holly

    sexy smooth and loose in the hips

  • D.Z.
  • AJW
  • The Bandsaw Vigilante

    Watching that clip makes me want to buy him things.

  • christian

    Dancing with the Scabs.

  • Sean

    Yeah, those are the “this is where you live” moves that Will Smith taught Kevin James in Hitch.

  • Edward

    I love his comment when Ellen said he was the best dancer of the candidates, “Low bar.”

  • yeah,I also like his words,and appreciate Obama,he did it very well.