Gavin O’Connor vs. Bob Shaye

The bottom line concerning Gavin O’Connor‘s all-but-abandoned Pride and Glory — a New Line film that co-chairman and co-CEO Bob Shaye doesn’t like and has decided not to distribute this year, bumping it into ’09 — is that the film might have a chance to come out this year if and when Shaye and co-honcho Michael Lynne get the boot from their owner-bosses at Warner Bros.
DHD’s Nikki Finke reported yesterday that Shaye and Lynne “may find out out as soon as this week what will happen to New Line Cinema and their expiring employment contracts at the movie studio they co-founded 40 years ago.”
Variety‘s Michael Fleming reported yesterday that O’Connor “is blaming the AWOL status of his movie on Shaye. The writer-director is so incensed that he said he will withhold Warrior, a script he’s due to deliver to the studio in the next few weeks, until he knows the fate of his film. The director is also exploring the possibility of extricating Pride and Glory after New Line told him the picture wouldn’t likely be released until next year.”
Fleming added that “New Line wouldn’t comment on the situation, but execs are in the final stages of negotiating a new deal with Time Warner and its topper, Jeff Bewkes, that could conceivably downsize the company. A resolution seems reasonable within the next two weeks.”

  • lazarus

    As i posted in another recent thread, I just saw the poster for this film in the theatre over the weekend, with a “Spring 2008” at the bottom. I don’t remember seeing it the last time I was there.
    Is it common for promotional materials to go out like that before a film is delayed almost a year?

  • ZacharyTF

    I remember seeing trailers for it last fall/winter saying a Spring 2008 release date. I wonder if the theater you went to found the poster somewhere and put it up, not realizing that the movie was delayed. I’m sure if you told the theater management, they would probably take it down.
    According to IMDB, filming took place 2 years ago and if the delay takes place, it’ll come out about 3 years after filming started. Yikes!

  • JohnCope

    This guy has had bad luck like this in the past. His 1995 drama Comfortably Numb was slapped with an NC-17 and never given a proper release as far as I can tell beyond the festival circuit. It is on DVD but you have to really seek it out to find it.

  • I really want to see Pride and Glory

  • Change the title change the title change the title change the title change the title…
    Hmm, I guess “subliminal” doesn’t work on message boards.

  • BurmaShave

    I feel bad for the guy, but isn’t Gavin O’Connor much more of a journeyman than the auteur he thinks he is? MIRACLE is by far his best film. Regardless, put the fucking movie out.

  • George Prager

    Comfortably Numb didn’t come out because it was produced by the clowns at The Shooting Gallery. They were too busy paying Monica Lewinsky to wear their hat.

  • Lazarus, the original posters with the undated Spring 2008 snipe went out last fall. Maybe the person in charge of putting up posters at your theatre was not aware the film has moved.

  • bmcintire

    There was wild posting for CHARLIE BARTLETT all over Hollywood two weeks before it’s originally scheduled release in August of 2007. And a full-page ad in LA Weekly.

  • Chinaski

    Joe Carnahan on the situation :
    “I’ve known about the ‘Pride and Glory’ situation for some time and was
    hoping that it would be resolved somehow because the f*cking film is
    GREAT. Nothing is worse than the idea that a film is unreleasable when it’s clearly
    not. I’ve seen the film four times now and it’s just gotten better every time.
    So New Line either needs to nut up or cut us loose. Rally behind the movie and
    give it the attention and consideration it deserves or let us roll. This script dates
    back pre-NARC, so it is obviously very near and dear to my heart.
    Bully to Gav for going out on the line. He loves his film. It’s what few people
    have the balls to do in this business which is confront something, head on and
    deal with it.
    It’ll get sorted. The movie speaks for itself. It just needs the right hands on it
    (from his blog,
    I liked the trailer, I like the cast, Miracle was good. Just release the damn thing.