Poland gets lowest Guru score

MCN’s David Poland voted for a grand total of 7 correct Oscar calls in the final Gurus of Gold chart. Out of 21 categories, that is. (MCN doesn’t include doc short, live action short or animated short.) Poland also missed 4 of the top 8 categories including such no-brainers as Best Picture and Original Screenplay. He went with Tony Gilroy and Michael Clayton instead of Diablo Cody and No Country for Old Men.

This doesn’t precisely fortify the legend of the Poland Curse (i.e., any Best Picture he gets behind big-time will lose) because Poland didn’t push all that rigorously for Michael Clayton, or not as hard as he campaigned for Dreamgirls and Munich. But it does tend to support the idea that Poland, a major Hollywood know-it-all, has a less than sterling track record in this realm.
Pete Hammond, who got the most correct choices among the Envelope Buzzmeter crew, was first among MCN’s Gurus with 16 correct calls, followed by Jack Matthews (15), Dave Karger (14), Glenn Whipp, Anne Thompson, Sean Smith, Mark Olsen (13), Susan Wloszczyna, Eugene Hernandez (12), Lou Lumenick, Sasha Stone (11), Peter Howell (10), Glenn Kenny and Scott Bowles (8).

  • BurmaShave

    I think towards the end, when he looks back, he’s going to be very proud of how much he fought for MUNICH.

  • abuseintake

    I just now correctly picked all the Oscar winners for the year 2017. A boat-load of surprises to be sure, Diablo Cody gets her 5th statue for Juno 2: Thalidomide vacation on ice!

  • Dan Revill

    If I had taken part in a pool this year, I probably would have gone with Tony Gilroy over Diablo Cody. I still don’t believe she wrote a good screenplay.

  • Boy, I suck.
    See, that’s why I always do the “should win” rather than “will win” in Oscar face-offs…

  • T. Holly

    He’s not serious, he’s on a love boat now, so I fired him.

  • Aguirre

    burma – any (well-deserved) retrospective pride he might feel for pushing the absolutely masterful MUNICH is going to be utterly negated (and then some) for pushing the largely loathsome DREAMGIRLS.
    either way, if he’s on his deathbed thinking about his influence on the 2005 oscars… that would be unfortunate.

  • Dave

    I got all the major categories right (unless you count Cinematography and Score as majors– to me, they’re almost on the fence). They all seemed like no-brainers to me– and I will admit Jeff, you helped me win that stretch.
    Alas, I got raped on the minor categories (never saw that Bourne wave coming), which is ironically the exact opposite of how I do in other years– I usually miss a couple of the biggies but get all the really obscure ones right. My best friend and I spent years predicting all the unseen Best Documentaries, Shorts and Foreign films based solely on the three-second clips shown (“Always bet on the Holocaust movie!”). Sadly, that routine seems to have been a lot less useful in recent years.

  • gansibele


  • T. Holly

    Other than X-Formers getting robbed in VFX, wasn’t there a sham in short doc?

  • PastePotPete

    Poland was pushing Hairspray as a viable candidate for Best Picture up until the nominations were announced. Then he switched to Clayton, which he always had as a frontrunner.
    I got everything but actress.

  • T. S. Idiot

    I guess this means we won’t be getting that “I’m f—ing Dave Poland” video we’ve been so l—ing forward to.

  • Rosebudsthesled

    I have nothing to say about David Poland, largely because he panned my two favorite movies of the last decade, THERE WILL BE BLOOD and CHILDREN OF MEN. Let it be on his head!

  • Aladdin Sane

    If I had taken part in a pool this year, I probably would have gone with Tony Gilroy over Diablo Cody. I still don’t believe she wrote a good screenplay.

  • Zimmergirl

    Doesn’t mean jack. Last year Poland’s score beat everyone else’s. He had a whopping 18. You just never know; it isn’t rocket science. Brag one year that you got them all right, the next year you’ll suck. Unless, of course, you’re Dave Karger, who always does well.

  • BurmaShave

    Oh man rosebud, thanks for reminding me. His CHILDREN OF MEN hatred is inexcusable.

  • MiraJeffAICN

    Jeez, and I thought my 14 was an embarassing score and I don’t even get paid to prognosticate like these folks do. I don’t even know how someone like G.K. can get 8 out of 24. There were so many locks, it’s like spelling your name right on the SAT’s. I was not proud of my prognosticating performance this year but I guess when held up to the GURU’s I look like a genius. Hey Poland, where’s my invitation buddy? I’m just as cool as Ramin Setoodeh ya know… gulp… I hope.