Singer cameo in “Milk”?

It’s commonly known that Valkyrie director Bryan Singer had wanted to direct the long-in-development Harvey Milk biopic called The Mayor of Castro Street for producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, based on a revised script by Chris McQuarrie. But as Variety‘s Anne Thompson reported two or three weeks ago, that project has been abandoned. Zadan and/or Meron confirmed this during a producer’s panel at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, Thompson has told me.
Now comes an item in the Portland-area publication Willamette Week that Gus Van Sant, director of as currently-rolling Harvey Milk biopic called Milk, has “extended an ‘olive branch’ to Singer by enticing him to make a cameo appearance in the film, which has Sean Penn in the title role. When asked to confirm, Van Sant said he had his fingers crossed that Singer will join his cast. ‘We hope so,’ Van Sant told WW in between takes on the San Francisco set. ‘He said that he will, but scheduling is hard.’

12 thoughts on “Singer cameo in “Milk”?

  1. frankbooth on said:

    He can appear in a Starfleet uniform and kill two birds with one stone.

  2. That’s not a slam, by the way. It’s just kinda sad that even a guy with his level of success keeps getting scooped on his pet projects.
    But I’m sure he’ll live.

  3. I’m assuming, maybe incorrectly, that MILK will be a return to a more mainstream style. Although it’d be much more interesting if Van Sant makes an unconventional biopic.

  4. Singer already did the Star Trek cameo thing.
    Overall this just seems….um…uninteresting. Van Sant offered Singer a cameo? So what…

  5. The interesting part is what sort of cameo will it be? Singer at a bathhouse? Singer at a Tenderloin peep booth? Singer at the disco playing a singer? Or Singer just sitting in the audience at a city hall meeting?

  6. If the reviews are good enough, and the budget low enough, it will make money. The gay audience alone, while not a slam dunk, will turn out for something they feel vested in (as Brokeback showed). A blockbuster? No. A tidy profit? Very likely.

  7. Why should a Van Sant film appeal to just a gay audience? I was deeply moved my Brokeback and have loved much of Van Sant’s work. Drug Store Cowboy, Elephant to name just two are terrific films.

  8. Wells to Mike Schaefer: “The Times of Harvey Milk”, the original 1983 doc, is one of the most moving docs ever made. It makes me choke up every time I see it. If Van Sant can get hold of some of this, the appeal will be much, much wider than just urban gays.

  9. And what Van Sant movie has ever made money?
    Good Will Hunting?
    I dont think a movie with those 2 blockbuster names Penn and Brolin in a movie about gays in SF will break BO records.

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