• Ogami Itto

    It would also be disingenuous not to point out the shady business dealings the Clintons have had with China over the years, as well as other foreign governments.

  • lar8

    Cripes Wells, that’s like being offended when you’re offered a post-coital smoke. We’re in bed with them, and a boycott is an empty symbolic gesture. You want to see Democracy spread and human rights improve? Follow the money.

  • MovieBob

    You do realize that this is just postponing the innevitable, right? The Clinton’s play the long game. If she loses the nomination, it just means they’re going to take him apart from the sidelines during the actual campaign, insuring McCain’s win so she can run again in 08 – this time essentially unopposed because the Dems will have the fear of God put back into them.

  • clancy

    The Clinton downfall will be one for the books – and many books there will be. In the end, politicians can be forgiven just about anything, but lying is something that one can not recover from. It was what killed Nixon, what got Bill impeached, what forced Biden out of the 1988 race. Hillary has often been accused of being calculating and disingenuous, but this Bosnian bullshit, this claim of being named after Edmund Hillary, the Northern Ireland peace talks charade – these has obliterated her credibility… so her call to boycott the Olympics means nothing to me. She no longer speaks for the Democratic party… but I sure which Obama would also call for the boycott.