Aisle Chat

A chance encounter this evening with Guillermo del Toro, director of Hellboy II: The Golden Army, at West L.A.’s Laser Blazer — 6.28, 7:50 pm. We spoke about a scheduled junket interview sometime on Sunday, 6.29, about our fathers, about some Blu-ray transfers looking too much like digital data and not enough, he feels, like film.

21 thoughts on “Aisle Chat

  1. Still the best video store in LA (fuck those pretentious assholes at Cinephile, the store where the employees are always right).
    Ron has a great, no frills store where the DVDs come first.

  2. 8:20 PM?
    How is that possible, Jeff? He was at the afterparty for the HELLBOY 2 premiere at that point. Actually, I think the movie was just ending.
    You sure ’bout that time code there, hoss?

  3. Ooooh, I smell a debate. And for the record GDT was actually taking a shit at 820. I was marking the time in the next stall.

  4. For some reason, I can’t picture him at a rental store. He seems like the kind of guy who’d be too busy hanging out at clubs to watch older movies.

  5. I was going to ask if Guillermo ALWAYS wore a suit nowadays but that’s right, last night was the premiere so maybe he went out and was buying stuff while the movie was showing.

  6. Admit it. You caught him in the porno section, and threatened to tell people unless he agreed to have his photo taken…

  7. [Comment deleted due to personal insult/slander element and general asininity and asshole-ishness of the poster.]

  8. Indeed, he was here during the screening. He did his intro and then came in to shop. Guillermo, a long time customer, has honored us with autograph signings for both Cronos and Hellboy. Says he’ll be back to do a Hellboy II signing! Thanks Jeff for taking that cool photo.

  9. Could you be more of a dipshit, p.Vice? Obviously if Del Toro is quoted in the banner at the top of this site, he doesn’t consider Jeff second-tier, and knows him well enough to be more than happy to take a picture.
    People are so preoccupied with taking potshots at Wells and other posters that they completely ignore reality, the truth, etc.
    Really lame.

  10. p.Vice does your Mommy know you’re visiting a website where they sometimes say naughty words? I’m sure it’s hard for her what with school being out for the summer, but I hear that’s lots of fun things for kids to do. Like, I dunno, playing in traffic. You should give it a whirl.

  11. Damn, I never have any chance encounters with anyone cool….I did meet Skippy from Family Ties while working at a dry cleaners though…

  12. Hey Jeff, was GDT being anti-Blu-ray in general or was he just complaining about a few select discs? I haven’t had a chance to watch Hellboy or Pan’s Labyrinth on Blu-ray yet, but both transfers have been well-reviewed.

  13. I bumped into Guillermo Del Toro briefly in London 4 years ago in the Cinema Store (where poor geeks like myself flock to buy overpriced DVD’s etc.). He seemed very friendly and approachable and recommended I buy Oldboy. Nice dude, and with such impeccable taste.

  14. I can’t believe there’s actually a GIRL there! I’m camping out to wait until she goes back! See you guys outside!

  15. HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Wells, that is just about the funniest thing you’ve ever said! Actually laughed out-loud. Great one.

  16. Why has AUNT SASSY been BANNED???
    I miss her insightful comments on film, and her bitchy commentary. She added a refreshing viewpoint to this site.

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