Aisle Chat

A chance encounter this evening with Guillermo del Toro, director of Hellboy II: The Golden Army, at West L.A.’s Laser Blazer — 6.28, 7:50 pm. We spoke about a scheduled junket interview sometime on Sunday, 6.29, about our fathers, about some Blu-ray transfers looking too much like digital data and not enough, he feels, like film.
  • Edward

    From the few interviews and DVD extras I’ve seen, he seems like a nice guy. What were he and you renting/buying?

  • CinemaPhreek

    Still the best video store in LA (fuck those pretentious assholes at Cinephile, the store where the employees are always right).
    Ron has a great, no frills store where the DVDs come first.

  • Drew

    8:20 PM?
    How is that possible, Jeff? He was at the afterparty for the HELLBOY 2 premiere at that point. Actually, I think the movie was just ending.
    You sure ’bout that time code there, hoss?

  • gruver1

    I thought it was 8:20 pm. I guess it wasn’t. You wanna have a debate about it?

  • Actually, GDT was not in the theater. I imagine this is how he was killing time until the film let out.

  • The InSneider

    Ooooh, I smell a debate. And for the record GDT was actually taking a shit at 820. I was marking the time in the next stall.

  • Actually, I’d like to have a debate. I’m wondering if a pack of surfers kicked your ass immediately after snapping this.

  • D.Z.

    For some reason, I can’t picture him at a rental store. He seems like the kind of guy who’d be too busy hanging out at clubs to watch older movies.

  • EDouglas

    I was going to ask if Guillermo ALWAYS wore a suit nowadays but that’s right, last night was the premiere so maybe he went out and was buying stuff while the movie was showing.

  • mutinyco

    Admit it. You caught him in the porno section, and threatened to tell people unless he agreed to have his photo taken…

  • p.Vice

    [Comment deleted due to personal insult/slander element and general asininity and asshole-ishness of the poster.]

  • LaserBlazer

    Indeed, he was here during the screening. He did his intro and then came in to shop. Guillermo, a long time customer, has honored us with autograph signings for both Cronos and Hellboy. Says he’ll be back to do a Hellboy II signing! Thanks Jeff for taking that cool photo.

  • lazarus

    Could you be more of a dipshit, p.Vice? Obviously if Del Toro is quoted in the banner at the top of this site, he doesn’t consider Jeff second-tier, and knows him well enough to be more than happy to take a picture.
    People are so preoccupied with taking potshots at Wells and other posters that they completely ignore reality, the truth, etc.
    Really lame.

  • Redmond

    p.Vice does your Mommy know you’re visiting a website where they sometimes say naughty words? I’m sure it’s hard for her what with school being out for the summer, but I hear that’s lots of fun things for kids to do. Like, I dunno, playing in traffic. You should give it a whirl.

  • tjfar67

    Damn, I never have any chance encounters with anyone cool….I did meet Skippy from Family Ties while working at a dry cleaners though…

  • JD

    Hey Jeff, was GDT being anti-Blu-ray in general or was he just complaining about a few select discs? I haven’t had a chance to watch Hellboy or Pan’s Labyrinth on Blu-ray yet, but both transfers have been well-reviewed.

  • GKLondon

    I bumped into Guillermo Del Toro briefly in London 4 years ago in the Cinema Store (where poor geeks like myself flock to buy overpriced DVD’s etc.). He seemed very friendly and approachable and recommended I buy Oldboy. Nice dude, and with such impeccable taste.

  • Craptastic

    I can’t believe there’s actually a GIRL there! I’m camping out to wait until she goes back! See you guys outside!

  • gruver1

    Wells to Craptastic: That’s not a “girl” — that’s a publicist.

  • Craptastic

    HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Wells, that is just about the funniest thing you’ve ever said! Actually laughed out-loud. Great one.

  • Valerie Cherish

    Why has AUNT SASSY been BANNED???
    I miss her insightful comments on film, and her bitchy commentary. She added a refreshing viewpoint to this site.